FAQs for Remote Learning Options

  • Q – Why did the District make the decision to go all virtual?

    A – The decision to go virtual was based on the guidance of Columbus Public Health and Health Commissioner Dr. Mysheika Roberts and the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases rapidly increasing, and the level of risk is high even with strict health and safety protocols in place for our schools. CCS will continue to monitor public health conditions within its boundaries before determining when it is safe and practical to begin in-person learning experiences.


    Q - Is the district attempting to assess learning loss from remote instruction?

    A - In order to address summer learning loss, we considered a streamlined focus on priority standards and having teachers look at the learning progression from grade level to grade level to tailor their instruction to having students demonstrate what they must know and be able to do.  We developed curriculum and instruction guides to support teachers in being able to take assessment data from the beginning of the year assessments and then to plan in response to that data.  We also identified standards of focus for these documents.


    Q – How long will CCS operate in a completely virtual learning environment?

    A – The District will operate in a completely virtual learning environment through at least the first quarter/intersession.

    • Traditional Calendar – through October 27
    • Year-Round Calendar – Through October 23


    Q – What are the two virtual learning options?   

    A – There are two types of virtual instruction: Remote Learning using CCS curriculum or the CCS Digital Academy using self-paced curriculum. In the CCS Digital Academy, K-8 students will use the Edgenuity platform, while high school students will use the Apex platform. These students are committed to use staying with the CCS Digital Academy for a semester. They can be enrolled in the CCS Digital Academy for the 2020-21 school year, and retain their lottery seat for the 2021-22 school year.


    Q - Will an option for pre-k be available?

    A - There is no Columbus Digital Academy option for Pre-K. However, when all schools open remotely, your Pre-K child can attend their regularly assigned school remotely.


    Q - Can I sign my Pre-K child up for the virtual academy if they aren't a CCS student?

    A – The Digital Academy is only available for CCS students. There is no Digital Academy for Pre-K students.


    Q – Does the Digital Academy have a principal?

    A - The CCS Digital Academy will have its own administrator (Ms. Christian Angel), teachers and support staff (counselors and social workers) to grade, give feedback and field technical issues. Remote Learning students will have the opportunity to work with their teachers one-on-one through a variety of platforms—Google Classroom, Zoom, etc. Remote Learning students will return to the classroom when CCS begins in-person instruction.


    Q – What is the CCS Digital Academy?

    A – It is a completely virtual self-paced option for K-12 students. The student learns at their own pace. Students must be enrolled in the Digital Academy for at least the first two quarters.


    Q – What is the Remote Learning Platform?

    A – The Remote Learning platform will include online teacher-led instruction. Students will transition into blended learning when CCS opens for in-person instruction.


    Q – What will all virtual learning look like for High School students?

    A – All high school students will continue to learn completely online through at least the first semester. Families can choose between two types of virtual instruction: Remote Learning using CCS curriculum or the CCS Digital Academy using self-paced curriculum; Edgenuity for K-8, and Apex for 9-12. When CCS transitions to in-person learning environments, high school students will either continue with virtual instruction or attend in a blended model pending the District’s decision on how best to safely reopen at that time. Digital Academy students would remain all virtual.


    Q – What supports are being provided for students to learn in a virtual environment?

    A – Students will continue to receive supports they’ve been identified to receive, including special education, ESL, speech therapy, OT/PT therapy, etc.

    If a student has an IEP they will have special education support. If a student is in need of English Language support they will be available. The learning platform has many options available to help students that learn in different ways. All students and parents will have access to content teachers. The district will provide ongoing Parent/Learning Coach training and support.


    Q – What best describes the attendance policy for Remote Learning?

    A – Students must submit an assignment on a given day; attend a live video lesson; log into an online platform/tool; interaction with the teacher.


    Q – What best describes the attendance policy for the Digital Academy?

    A- The Digital Academy is self-paced and the students can log in at any time. If you need assistance there will be scheduled times for you and your student to be able to log in and talk to a teacher. The student must make adequate progress to be able to be marked as if they are attending. The teachers will have reports on students’ progress and will be able to send out messages for the child to get additional help.


    Q - If classes resume in person, will Digital Academy students be allowed to continue online and not attend in person classes?

    A - Digital Academy students may continue with the online instruction for the entire school year.  Parents may also opt to send their student back to their regularly assigned school at the end of the semester if they choose.


    Q - Will the Digital Academy be a possibility beyond the 20/21 school year?

    A - The District has made a one-year commitment to the Digital Academy and will consider extending at the end of the year. 


    Q - Will the Digital Academy have its own report card from CCS?

    A - Yes


    Q - What are the hours of digital academy?

    A - Students can access the Digital Academy 24/7, however they will have access to teachers during assigned hours. 


    Q - Will kids be able to pick up textbooks?

    A - All necessary resources will be online. There are workbooks that will be provided to students in k-3. 


    Q - Will all of an online academy student’s courses and assignments with due dates be listed in Google Classroom?

    A - There will be suggested due dates that can be used as a guide so that students can stay on track. 


    Q - Are the workbooks provided? Or do we have to print them?

    A - The District is planning on providing workbooks for the K-3 students.


    Q - Will translations for ESL students be provided?

    A - Videos transcripts can also be translated in 32 language options. Any text on screen can be translated.


    Q - Are these supports also available to special education students?

    Supports will be available to Special Education and ESL students as well.


    Q – Will middle and high school students have different teachers for each course they take via the Digital Academy?

    A – Middle and High School courses will have content specific teachers assigned to each course.


    Q - Is there a required amount of time for the online academy? I have seen the recommendations and 4-6 hours feels like a lot for young kids.

    A - The recommendation for middle and high school students is 1 hour per content subject area per day. Elementary is recommending 4 hours a day.


    Q - How is student time tracked in the online academy?

    A - The recommended amount of time spent in the online academy for students in grades K-8 is 4 to 6 hours per day.


    Q - Is there a required minimum amount of time students need to be online each day?

    A - As we know, some students will work through content much faster than others, and some students much slower. If we are being realistic and honest we need to acknowledge that while students are generally in school for 6.5 hours per day, much of that time is not focused on education but instead includes waiting to be released to homeroom, lunch, recess, time spent moving between classes, time in assemblies, and time waiting for buses to be called. When students are in classrooms, and should be focused on work, time is spent on discipline and other activities that are in no way, shape, or form focused on education. An online student who is on task should be able to complete work very quickly compared to a student in the typical classroom.


    Q - How will kids who have IEP’s get help through the digital academy?

    A - Student's IEP will be followed and the student will have a transition coordinator assigned to them as well as a special education teacher.


    Q - If my child would begin remote with her class and CCS decides to bring students back in November (but we are not ready for her to be in-person), can I switch to this online platform you are presenting tonight?

    A - There is a full semester commitment for both Digital and Remote. Students have the ability to switch at the end of semester.


    Q - Will the District continue to provide meals?

    A – YES. Columbus City Schools has provided free grab and go breakfast and lunch meals (M-F with extra meals for the weekend) since March 16, at 15 school locations throughout the District. We’ve continued the service through the summer.  We will continue to provide free meals to all students for the 2020-2021 school year.


    Q – Can I sign up for the self-paced Digital Academy after August 1?

    A – No. Registration closed on August 1.


    Q – If the District goes back to the buildings full or part-time before the end of January, can I switch my child from the Digital Academy back the building?

    A – No. It is important for families to keep in mind that registering for the CCS Digital Academy is a semester-long commitment. Once school begins on September 8, students must remain in the CCS Digital Academy through at least the first two quarters of the school year. The first semester ends on January 15, 2021.


    Q – How does my child participate in phys. ed, music, art, languages?

    A – Students will have opportunities to participate in physical education, music, art, and foreign language in both the CCS Digital Academy and Remote Learning.  


    Q – What about Student Activities and Fall Sports?

    A - In an effort to continue to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 virus in our community while still providing athletic opportunities and engagement for Columbus City Schools student-athletes, all teams can continue to participate in skills training as initiated on July 1, 2020.

    The start of the 2020 Fall Sports season has been currently suspended per the Superintendent’s decision. However, teams can currently continue skills training and workout sessions.

    This suspension is a pause that continues what our teams have been doing successfully since July 1 until the District can determine a long-term path forward based on guidance from Columbus Public Health. We know that many of the nearby suburban districts have taken similar measures according to guidance from Franklin County Public Health.


    Q – How does my child with an IEP receive services?

    A - If a student has an IEP they will have special education support. The student’s IEP will be followed and the student will have a transition coordinator assigned to them as well as a special education teacher. Intervention Specialists will be working on the staff of the Digital Academy to provide IEP support.

    If a student is in need of English Language support they will be available. The learning platform has many options available to help students that learn in different ways. All students and parents will have access to content teachers. 


    Q – When will I hear from schools on how my child starts?

    A – Building administrators are returning from Summer Break. They will be reaching out to their school community in the coming weeks.


    Q – If I choose the Digital Academy will the teachers from my child’s school work with my student?

    A – No. However, CCS teachers will be part of the CCS Digital Academy.


    Q – My child attends a charter school or private school; can they attend your Digital Academy?

    A – No, registration was open to currently enrolled CCS students. A parent/guardian wishing to re-enroll their child into Columbus City Schools can do so by going to the enrollment page and clicking on the SPEEDY PASS.


    Q – Will all students receive a Chromebook?

    A – Every CCS student who needs a computer will be loaned a device at the start of the school year. Their building administrator will provide distribution information.


    Q – My student is in need of a Chromebook or Hotspot; how can I get one?

    A – Parents/guardians should reach out to their school administrator to inform them of the need.


    Q - Assuming state testing is not suspended for the school year 2020-2021, what non-state assessments will online academy students be required to enter a CCS building to take during the school year 2020-2021. Where will the assessments be taken? What amount of physical distancing will be assured to be maintained between assessment takers and between assessment takers and proctors?

    A - We will follow all of the guidelines of the Ohio Department of Education on all state testing. We will provide plenty of time and notice if tests need to be taken in person at a testing site. If and when the students would have to be tested at an onsite location, we will follow all safety precautions and make sure that students are placed in a space that provides proper distance recommendations.