Virtual Learning and Students with IEP Supports

  • One of the difficulties we have in releasing a single plan for all "students with IEPs" is that every student's plan is individualized and we should not have one plan to meet the needs of all of our unique learners within the virtual attendance model. We pride ourselves on the individuality of student needs in a traditional setting; therefore, the plan for your child during distance learning will be individualized to meet his/her needs.

    The parameters and spirit of your child’s IEP will be followed and honored no matter the educational setting, though services may be delivered differently. For example, therapy services that would be provided in person during in person learning will be provided  virtually, when appropriate. Teletherapy sessions would allow for live video lessons and meetings - or caregivers might opt to use pre-recorded lessons, exercise plans, or specialized books - to assist students. As we get closer to the start of school in September, services, accommodations, and the need for instructional supports will be reviewed so that students are receiving individualized assistance, per the IEP, during virtual learning.  

    During the first couple of weeks of school, you can expect that your child’s IS and/or special education coordinator will reach out to you to discuss his/her needs and how services will be provided, albeit virtually, in order to ensure continued special education support.  At that time, you will have the opportunity to share any concerns you have regarding how services can be provided and how we can work together to best support your child during virtual learning.