• CTE Students

    NOVEMBER 19 UPDATE: In response to the City's health advisory, students in the Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs at Columbus Downtown High School and the Fort Hayes Career Center will return to a completely remote learning model beginning on Monday, November 23. The health advisory runs through December 18, which is the District’s last school day before winter break. CTE students and staff will return to blended learning on January 4, 2021, unless the advisory is extended beyond that date. Click here to read the full announcement.

  • Why is in-person instruction so necessary for CTE Students?

  • Will CTE students still attend classes at their home school before or after the Career Center?

  • How will CCS transport CTE students to Columbus Downtown High School and the Fort Hayes Career Center?

  • What safety procedures are in place to ensure students are transported safely on CCS buses?

  • What new protocols are in place at Fort Hayes and the Columbus Downtown High School to keep students safe?

  • Will CTE students still be served breakfast and lunch if they are in school only two days a week?