School Building Readiness

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  • Signage Installed for Social Distancing and Face Coverings

    All school buildings must have signage installed to show appropriate social distancing and the requirement to wear face coverings. Signage should be apparent on floors, walls, and doors throughout the building.

    PPE Delivered and Available

    All school buildings must have personal protective equipment (PPE) available on-site appropriate for at least six school weeks, including staff and student masks, disposable gloves, bottles of hand sanitizer, and disinfectant wipes. Special education areas must also have additional PPE, such as face shields, clear face coverings, and gowns.

    Plexiglass Barriers Installed Everywhere Necessary

    All school buildings must have plexiglass barriers installed where six feet of social distancing is not possible and in common areas such as the school office.

    Furniture Arranged for Social Distancing

    All school buildings must have furniture arranged to accommodate six feet of social distancing. This includes desks or tables in classrooms and commons areas such as the cafeteria or library.

    Excess Furniture Removed or Stored

    All school buildings must remove or store excess furniture that is not needed due to social distancing requirements. Furniture that is removed from the building will be stored in the District warehouse.

    The Facility is Clean and Visually-Appealing

    All school buildings must be clean and visually-appealing daily. The custodial staff will ensure that the building is cleaned and disinfected frequently.

    Classrooms, Hallways, and Common Areas are Free of Clutter

    All classrooms, hallways, and common areas in school buildings must be free of any clutter that could impede social distancing requirements and pose hazards for staff and students.

    Health Separation Room Identified with Staffing Plan

    All school buildings must identify a health separation room, where a student or staff member who exhibits COVID-19 symptoms can wait until they are able to leave the building. The school should also include a plan on how the  health separation room will operate.