Food Services

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    For Students- Food Services Student Survey

    For Parents/Guardians- Food Services Parent Survey

    School Menu Restrictions Currently in Place:

    Schools with Pre-K through 6 and K-8 
    · Nut products, seafood, and pork are not offered.

    Middle Schools and Buildings with Grades 6-12 or 7-12
     · Seafood and pork are not offered.


    Columbus City Schools follow the MyPlate dietary guidelines for student meal  planning.   
    Eat a fruit or vegetable at every meal.  Make healthy food choices! 
    For more information on the MyPlate guidelines, click this link:

    Eat Right with MyPlate

    Columbus City Schools provide over 63,000 school meals
    per day. More information about school meals can be found by
    clicking the link below.
    Would a teacher like to have a taste testing session for students? 
    To download a request form, click on this link:  Taste Testing Request Form
    Wondering if a food or beverage sold to students during school meets the USDA Smart Snack in School Nutrition Standards? Click on the following
    link to evaluate it:
    For updates and information, follow Columbus City Schools on Twitter and Instagram @CCS_Food.
                     This institution is an equal opportunity provider.
  • Parent Handbook for School Meal Programs

    Itemized Food Price List

    Food Allergies
    Click on the Food Allergies link above to read about the Columbus City Schools Food Allergy Policy and links to additional resources.

    Special Diets for Columbus City School District

    Special Diet Order Form

    What's Cooking? USDA Mixing Bowl
    An interactive recipe tool from the United States Department of Agriculture at What' is available to use.  Using this website, you can search for household recipes based on nutrition themes such as: 

    • eat more fruits and vegetables
    • eat more whole grains
    • go lean with protein
    • switch to fat-free or low fat dairy
    • reduce sodium
    • get more calcium
    • eat fewer empty calories
    • eat less saturated fats, trans fats, and cholesterol

    In addition,  there are recipes that require no cooking or cooking by microwave, stove top or an oven.  Other features include recipe cost per serving, nutrition information, and cookbooks.   



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