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Wedgewood Students Collaborate With We Amplify Voices To Release Original Song

Jan. 15, 2020 - A group of Wedgewood students have written the lyrics to a song and video in collaboration with We Amplify Voices (WAV).

WAV is a non-profit that partners with middle school students that schools feel would most benefit from an immersive SEL experience. For 10 weeks, local musicians facilitated discussion groups and writing exercises with ] students about their interests, personal thoughts, feelings and experiences that became lyrics to a collaborative song.

Students worked alongside professional musicians and engineers, and then took a trip to the Groove U Music Career College to produce their final version of their song under the guidance of a professional producer/mentor.

The song is titled "Let Each Other Live," written by Malyun Mohamed, Maci Kahiga, Morgan Laster, Sahara Mohamed, Lula Mohamed, and Riley Null. The video was released on December 25, 2019 on YouTube.

This is the third song released by Wedgewood students in collaboration with WAV, following High Road and Unique.