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Franklin County's Prevention, Retention, and Contingency (PRC) Plus Rental Assistance Program Providing Assistance To Families

PRC Plus

October 28, 2020 -- Franklin County's Prevention, Retention, and Contingency (PRC) Plus Rental Assistance program provides one-time rental assistance payments for eligible families struggling to meet rent or facing eviction as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through PRC Plus, eligible families will receive up to $1,500 in one-time rental assistance per household. Families must reside in Franklin County, have at least one minor child and/or a pregnant person in the household, and have a gross household up to 300% of the federal poverty level in order to qualify for PRC Plus Rental Assistance.

If your family qualifies, Franklin County may be able to cover your past due rent as well as the next month's rent -- again up to maximum of $1,500 per month. Families will be notified if approved and the rental assistance payment(s) will be issued directly to the landlord. 

The PRC Plus Rental Assistance Program is in effect June 1 through Dec. 15, 2020 or until funding is exhausted. The program was created by the Franklin County Commissioners and draws from federal CARES Act funds. You must submit a complete application with all required verification by Dec. 15 to receive PRC Plus Rental Assistance. Due to funding restrictions, we cannot process any applications that are incomplete or missing required verifications as of Dec. 15 and those requests will not be paid. 

Click HERE or on the "How To Apply" tab to begin the application process. Make sure you include all required verification documents with your application. 

PRC Plus Frequently Asked Questions
PRC Plus Rental Assistance Flyer (Spanish) (Somali) (Nepali) (Arabic)

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