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Creating Sixth-Grade Memories to Last a Lifetime at Southwood

Southwood promotion

June 3, 2021 – Columbus City Schools seniors from the Class of 2021 are not the only students celebrating a milestone this week. The sixth-grade students at Southwood Elementary School filed into the cafeteria this afternoon for their promotion ceremony. Family members clutching balloons, flowers, and cellphones filled every safely distanced table.  

Sixth-grader Austin Smith was the master of ceremonies. With his family proudly looking on, Austin spoke about how much the support from family, friends, and teachers meant to him, especially this year.

“Sixth grade was rough because of COVID, and I had trouble with my Zoom classes, but everyone helped me,” said Smith, who has been at Southwood since kindergarten just like Brianna, “Skylar” Chattos.

“My sixth-grade teachers really taught me not to be lenient on my assignments and turn them in by the due date,” said Chattos, who was the only sixth grader at Southwood to make the high honor roll.

“I want to be a psychologist, so I have to get good grades,” said Chattos.

Southwood promotion ceremonyThroughout the promotion ceremony, Chattos’ mom, and dad, who uses a wheelchair, sat in the front row as Skylar spoke personally about her years at Southwood Elementary School.

“Seven months ago, my dad had a heart attack, and the school stepped up to support my dad and our family,” said Chattos. “That meant so much to me.”

“I am so proud of her,” said Skylar’s mom, Leslie Chattos. “To get through this year and get those high grades makes me proud.”

At today’s promotion ceremony,  sixth graders were also awarded for perfect attendance and showed the most improvement in English and Math.

Before the clap-out for the sixth-graders who marched through every hallway at Southwood Elementary School for the last time, the principal gave them one more assignment. 

“Dream big and remember to turn an obstacle into an opportunity,” said Southwood Principal Miracle Reynolds. 

Even though these sixth graders will attend a new school in the fall, they were told to remember two things: your Southwood family loves you so visit, and once a  Southwood Eagle, always a Southwood Eagle.