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Northland High School Launches “Career Connections” Community Initiative with Northland Star Partners

Northland HS

September 20, 2021 -- Students at Northland High School are getting increased support when it comes to choosing a career path. This month, the school launched a new program to help students discover the path to career success.

Through the Career Connections Workshop Series, students will participate in eight (8) 90-minute workshops of their choosing throughout the school year that aligns with one of the 16 career pathways developed around Ohio’s in-demand occupations.

Career Connections helps educators and leaders of the community connect with students who are exploring career options and education decisions in preparation for post-graduation. 

“We want our students to have college and career readiness skills. The launch of this program is just the beginning, each month we will expand with additional speakers, college tours/programs related to each workshop topic, etc.,” said Jason Johnson, principal of Northland High School.

The program features 38 workshops that students can select from including Financial Literacy, Law, College Application Essays, Skilled Trades, and more. 

Thomas Gibson, social studies teacher at Northland High School facilitated the Law and You workshop. Gibson worked closely with the students on a mock trial where the students prepared for both sides of a case (prosecution/plaintiff and defense). The students also learned about what education and skills it takes to become a lawyer. 

“The skills and study habits you create now will help you throughout the rest of your life and college career,” said Gibson. 

Students will continue the monthly workshop series with a cohort of their peers. Crafting career pathways, lessons, activities, resources, and more to help understand the link between learning and building future careers.