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Fostering Young Engineers at Starling K-8 STEM

Sticks design a bridge using popsicle sticks

November 16, 2021 -- Students were given the challenge of designing and constructing bridges using the six-step design process that they learned from the Design & Modeling curriculum at Starling K-8 STEM.

Students pose for a photo

  1. Define Problem
  2. Generate Concept
  3. Design a Solution
  4. Build and Test Prototype
  5. Evaluate Solution
  6. Present Solution

Using up to 200 popsicle sticks and glue, students work in teams of two or three to design and build a bridge. Each bridge must have a span that is at least a foot long and support 15 pounds of weight. As students work toward designing and building their bridges they are encouraged to use as few popsicle sticks as possible. At the project’s conclusion, the class evaluates the effectiveness of each team’s design.

“In my role as an educator, collaboration is an important component of my lessons, and I often engage my students in collaborative activities like the popsicle stick bridge challenge,” said Kevin Burrows, Educational Technology 6 - 8 Teacher, Starling K-8 STEM. “Because of their collaborative efforts and full engagement, I am immensely proud of what my students accomplished.”