The pandemic exposed the social and emotional needs of students in collaboration with maintaining grade-level curriculum. Investing in staff and the technical support to connect students to opportunities and resources is key to ensure equitable outcomes for all current and future students. Columbus City Schools cannot return to instructional methods prior to the pandemic but will look to maximize technical resources for transformational educational opportunities for students, teachers, and staff.

    Overarching Goals: High-level outcomes for ESSER investments

    • Safely reopen schools for all students.
    • Address pre- and post-pandemic unfinished learning.
    • Build lasting, equitable systems of teaching and learning.

    Emerging High-Level Strategies For Achieving These Goals:

    • Attend to the immediate health and safety requirements as well as the social, emotional, and mental health needs of students and adults.
    • Ensure grade-level, standards-aligned instruction with just-in-time academic and social-emotional support.
    • Invest in staff capacity and lasting infrastructure that closes the opportunity, resource, and digital divides and ensures equitable outcomes for all current and future students

    ESSER Funds Feedback Form: Provided to CCS community in May 2021 with over 80% community approval of established priorities.


    Finance and Appropriations Committee Meeting - December 14, 2022

    ESSER Funds Updates - September 2022  

ESSER Roundtable Discussions: A Podcast Series

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  • Episode 2 - Buildings & Grounds and Safety & Security

  • Episode 3 - Transportation & Food Services

  • Episode 4 - Payroll & Talent Management