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    Every Student Succeeds Act:  Changes coming for ESL

    No Child Left Behind is being replaced by the Every Student Succeeds Act.  Districts will continue to receive Title III funding for our English Learners; however, changes will be made to progress monitoring. Below are highlights of the major changes for ESL.

    • English learners participate in statewide entrance and exit procedures to ensure necessary resources are provided
    • Districts must report the percentage of students who do not obtain English proficiency within 5 years
    • English learners’ state exam scores do not count for a district their first year in US schools, the second year their growth is measured for Reading and Math, and the 3rd year, their scores count the same as for the native English speakers.
    • English learners’ scores will count in the EL (LEP) subgroup for 4 years after obtaining English proficiency
    • English learners with a disability will now be disaggregated from the EL subgroup to better provide a clearer picture of progress
    • ALL teachers must differentiate, make appropriate modifications and provide necessary accommodations for their students, including English learners

    ESL Monitoring Plan

                    This school year, the ESL Department will begin monitoring ESL student progress through our new assessment, the Ohio English Language Proficiency Assessment (OELPA), the Ohio State Test scores for Reading & Math, and MAP scores for Reading & Math.  The ESL Curriculum Coaches will share data with the ESL teachers & assistants and work with them to determine which researched based strategies will be implemented where improvements can be made to help close academic gaps.


    Individual English Learner Plans (IELP)

                    Each and every English Learner (with an LEP flag) will automatically be assigned an IELP form based on their LEP level, grade band, and whether or not they are proficient in Reading.  The IELP forms describe language abilities (at their level), appropriate modifications and accommodations that should be made in the classroom, and the Limited English Proficiency Standards that the state mandates students learn.  Ad Hoc reports will be available on Infinite Campus of the IELP form codes and students listed under the appropriate form code for schools to print and use.  The actual forms can be viewed and printed from the English as a Second Language webpage under “Departments” on the CCSOH.org web site.  This tool will help classroom teachers effectively differentiate for their English Learners.


    Expansion of the ESL Writing Initiative   

                    This year, the ESL Department will expand our writing initiative through having ESL teachers incorporate more writing activities into their lessons.  Teachers will keep writing samples from their students which will be viewed and monitored by the ESL Curriculum Coaches. 


    Community Meetings   

                    Quarterly meetings will be held with community groups, provide updates, gather information, educate, and address issues.  Please check back for upcoming meeting dates.


    CCS ESL Facebook Page

                    The ESL Department has begun a CCS ESL Facebook page.  You can follow our page by searching “Columbus City ESL” or by clicking on the Facebook link at the bottom of our English as a Second Language webpage under “Departments” on the CCSOH.org website.  If you do not have a Facebook account, you can view our posts by clicking on the Facebook link on our webpage.