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    ESL Language Assistance and CALL CENTER


    Free language assistance is available to Columbus City Schools parents regarding school programs and activities. A parent does not have to be of limited English proficiency in speaking, reading, writing, and comprehending English in order to be considered of limited English proficiency (LEP) but rather it is only necessary that a parent be limited in at least one of these areas in order to be eligible to receive language assistance as needed. No other verification is necessary in order to receive language assistance. Services may be requested for, but not limited to the following events: parent-teacher conferences, disciplinary hearings, IEP meetings, and 504 meetings. Please be advised that while parents may bring family members and friends to all school activities and meetings, the District shall be responsible for providing any necessary interpreting or translating services. For assistance, please contact the ESL Department at 614-365-8802.


    ESL Language Assistance and Call Center

    The personnel in our call center is able to assist with immediate emergency interpretation over the phone from the hours of 7:30- 4:30. With the exception of SPED meetings we are able to assist with reaching out to parents who are bilingual in Spanish, Somali, Nepali, Arabic and French.

    To assist parents, nurses, teachers, and other school personnel with district communication needs, please contact our:

    Language Assistance Center 


    • Spanish 
    Primary Number:
    (Office Number) 614 365 5118 

    • Somali
    Primary Number:
    (Office Number) 614 365 8972  

    • Nepali
    Primary Number:
    (Office Number) 614 365 3105 

    • French
    Primary Number:
    (Office Number) 614 365 5327  

    • Arabic
    Primary Number:(Office Number) 614 365 6920   

    • Kinyarwanda
    Primary Number:(Office Number) 380-997-0891 

    • ESL Dept. at
    Primary Number: 
    Office Phone: 614 365 8802
     Fax: 614 365 8786
    Contact Myra Talley @ 614 365 8802
    or via email mtalley5678@columbus.k12.oh.us
    if you have any questions

    Examples of appropriate uses for the call center:

    1. To relay a simple message to a parent

    2. Assist with setting up an important meeting with the teacher

    3. A parent shows up in the office and communication support is needed on-the-spot

    3. A parent calls the office and communication support is needed - try to find out what their primary language is and the best phone number for an interpreter to call them back

    4. Conduct 3 way conference call for P/T conference

    Click on the picture or the link below to request a
    Foreign Language Interpreter



    Foreign Language Interpreter Request

    Please use the old Lotus Notes password to access this form. If you don't have a Lotus Notes password please contact Help Desk or Chris Francia at cfrancia@columbus.k12.oh.us