• Consulting Teachers

    (P) 614-365-5110 (F) 614-365-5114

    Newly-employed teachers are considered intern teachers and are assigned to a Consulting Teacher for their first year or its equivalent. The Consulting Teachers also serve as Resident Educator Mentors/Facilitators for teachers seeking 5 year licensure through Ohio’s Resident Educator Program. As an RE Mentor/Facilitator, CTs will lead and facilitate professional development, use state-designed formative assessment tools, protocols and processes as well as document the RE's ongoing progress. In addition, intervention support is provided by Consulting Teachers to experienced teachers who may be encountering some difficulties.

    Holli Anderson June Ann Andrews Jeff Becker Teresa Bombrys 
    Sonya Bryant  Daniel Gleich  Renee Gray Ashley Guilfoyle 
    Laurie Hewitt  Steven Hiner  Kelly McLeese Donna Noble 
    Thomas Ryan  Denise Sizemore Benita W Smith  Diana Turner 
    John Vincent  Jennifer Weigand Mary Welch Chris Weyand 
     Merele Wilder Constance Workman     


    Support Staff
    (P) 614-365-5039 (F) 614-365-6439 

    Jahni' Flood

    Human Resources Assistant II

    Becky Davis

    Human Resources Assistant I 

    James Sangster, Jr.

    Human Resources Assistant I


    PAR Panel Members
    A seven-member panel governs the program. The Columbus Education Association (CEA) appoints four members and the Superintendent of the Columbus City Schools appoints three. 

    Rhonda Rice
    Director, Professional Learning and Licensure

    John Coneglio
    Co-Chair, CEA President

    Bethany Bell

    Dana Kemmerling

    Tyree Rivers

    John Dean

    Jason Johnson