Peer Assistance & Review (PAR)

  • The Columbus City Schools are continuously striving to provide the highest possible quality of education. For students to succeed in learning, teachers must succeed in teaching. The PAR Program has been designed to improve the quality of instruction by assuring that all teachers experience professional success.

    Since 1985, the program has been a continuous joint effort between the Columbus Education Association (CEA) and administration, with the goal of providing assistance and support to teachers entering the profession (intern) and to improve the performance of experienced teachers who are encountering some difficulties (intervention).

     PAR Mission

    Each student is highly-educated, prepared for leadership and service, and empowered for success as a citizen in a global community.

     PAR Vision

    We shape the future-one teacher at a time.

     PAR Smarter Goal

    The Peer Assistance and Review (PAR) program will increase the professional growth of teachers in the district through specific instructional mentoring, support, professional development, and rigorous evaluations of teaching performance as measured by the evaluation system and licensure requirements. The PAR program will explore new opportunities to engage teachers in individualized growth and to support communities of reflective practice resulting in increased retention rates at the end of the school year.

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  • "What was most helpful about PAR?'"

    2020-21 New CCS Teachers 


    “The feedback on observations and seeing my growth from the start of the year until now."


    “Having ONE person that can answer questions and help find answers quickly when needed was a wonderful resource."


    “Having a great mentor that was able to help me navigate the district resources available to me, as well as provide advice on specific classroom problems I was having.”


    “All the feedback about my teaching. Even though I am an experienced teacher, this year was very challenging and I was in a brand new grade and all of my feedback was very beneficial."


    “Having a mentor that I could be honest with and ask questions to at any time."


    “Knowing someone was there who knew the district well and could answer my questions."


    “Practical feedback and encouragement during conferences."


    “Having someone who understood my positioning as a new educator and was able to relate to me when we spoke and help me solve my problems."