The following videos are the recordings from our College Credit Plus (CCP) 101 Virtual Series. This video library provides you with access to a wide range of information about CCP and topics associated with participating in the program.  These topics are geared towards helping parents, students, and counselors have a better understanding of the steps and strategies to use in order to be successful in the CCP Program.  



       CCP 101 for Parents: Steps in the Process



       CCP 101 for Parents: Early Awareness for Middle School Students 



       CCP 101 for Students: What is CCP?


    CCP 101 for Students: Steps in the Process?  


    CCP 101 for Students: CCP and the Career Center



    CCP 101 for Parents: Special Programs for CCS Students


    CCP 101 for Students: What's Next After the Letter of Intent?

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