Excused and Unexcused

  • Excused Absence

    In accordance with A.C. 3301-69-02, the Superintendent shall require from the parent of each student of compulsory school age or from an adult student who has been absent from school or from class for any reason, a statement of the cause for such absence. The Board of Education reserves the right to verify such statements and to investigate the cause of each single absence or prolonged absence.

    The following excuses shall be accepted for student absence:

    • Personal illness or quarantine (a written physician’s statement verifying the illness may be required). The absence of a student from school due to quarantine of the home shall be limited to the length of quarantine as determined by the proper health officials.
    • Illness or death in the immediate household. The absence of a student from school due to the death in the immediate household shall be limited to a period of three (3) days unless reasonable causes may be shown to the principal for a longer absence.
    • Emergencies or any other occurrences or situations which, in the judgment of the Superintendent or designee, may necessitate absence from school for good and sufficient cause.
    • Religious holiday.
    • Medical or dental appointment (a written statement from a physician or dentist verifying the appointment may be required).
    • College visitation. The absence of a student from school due to college visitation may require verification of the date and time of the visitation by the college, university, or technical college.
    • Any other reason specified pursuant to Ohio law.

    Unexcused Absence

    Any absence not accompanied with a note or documentation or any absence that does not relate to the circumstances listed above is considered unexcused.