Buildings & Grounds FAQs

  • Q  How do I report building emergencies?

    A Contact B&G Customer Service at 614-365-5268 during business hours (7:00 am to 4:00 pm).

    • After business hours, refer to the Building & Grounds Emergency Contact List located on the Intranet or on the LeaderBoard

    Q  How do I schedule after-hours heating and cooling for school extracurricular activities?

    A  Enter a Building Use Application, the request will be entered through the Facilitron Building Use Process.

    Q  How do I make requests for work in my building?

    A  Log into FAMIS and create a work order or call B&G Customer Service at 614-365-5268.

    Q  How do I get access to the FAMIS work order system?

    A  Call B&G Customer Service at 365-5268.

    • More information on how to create a service request in FAMIS HERE.

    Q  How do I get status updates on my work orders?

    A  Log into the FAMIS work order system on the B&G Intranet site and go to the “My Requests” tab.

    Q What is the District’s bedbug protocol?

    A The District’s bedbug protocol is located HERE

    Q What is the process to request keys for my building?

    A  Enter a request into the FAMIS work order system on the B&G Intranet site on the “My Requests” tab.