The Office of Engagement

  • The Office of Engagement brings learning to life. We serve as the bridge between schools and families/communities.

    At Columbus City Schools (CCS), we believe that families, communities, and partnerships are integral to our reason for existence, which is to provide the best education possible to our students.

    We have five core values which guide us in building meaningful relationships with families, communities, and partners:

    • Collaboration: We promote diverse engagement opportunities with internal and external stakeholders to create a culture of excellence.
    • Innovation: We foster an environment of discovery and exploration to advance teaching and learning, which in turn supports a welcoming workplace.
    • Excellence: We nurture lifelong learning to equip our students for success, adaptability, and leadership in a global society.
    • Stewardship: We exercise responsible oversight of human, fiscal, and material resources in the foundation of student achievement and financial stability.
    • Equity: We value equity, inclusion, and accountability for all.

Our Mission

  • We're on a mission to connect families and communities with schools to improve student achievement and the overall health of our community.

Our Vision

  • We envision a community where everyone has equal opportunity, access, and support to achieve their full potential.

Contact Us

  • Lee Cole
    Community Engagement and Partnerships, Executive Director

    Seneca Bing
    Family and Community Engagement, Director

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Our Focus

  • Our focus is on the achievement and progress of every child by first supporting their village. To guide this work, we have outlined the following strategic priorities:

    • Whole-Child Focused: We design and implement a curriculum with a holistic approach so that students find their education more relevant, rewarding, and rigorous.
    • Equitable Opportunities for All: We ensure equitable opportunities for all students and employees, creating communities that promote excellence, personal and professional growth, and a culture of belonging.
    • Strong Learning Communities in Every Region: We strengthen a high-quality, interdependent set of learning communities so that within and among these centers of growth are reliable sources of support, identity, and hope.
    • Authentic Engagement: We actively engage all stakeholders to ensure that every experience with the District engenders mutual trust, develops quality relationships, and strengthens collective support for the benefit of our students.