Safer Together

  • In Columbus City Schools, we are SAFER TOGETHER.

    We are safer when we work together to prioritize safety, when we act together to protect each other, and when we speak out together about the need to end gun violence.

    The Columbus Board of Education and the leaders of this District are committed to doing all we can to keep students and staff safe. No one should be afraid to come to school to learn or work or support a child's education. Still, in every classroom and building - and likely in every household where someone has a connection to our District - the recent tragic events in Florida have heightened all our concerns about school safety.

    For us to be SAFER TOGETHER, we are enlisting the help of all students, families, staff, caring adults, and community partners. We want you to know that:

    • Columbus City Schools has a Zero Tolerance policy on possession of a weapon. Students face disciplinary action, including potential suspension or expulsion, if found to be in possession of any item deemed potentially dangerous to themselves or others in a school environment.
    • The consequences of having a weapon outside of school can be even more extreme. Whether in the neighborhood or at home, young people need to understand the dangers of having a gun, taser, or any other type of weapon. Families should have thoughtful conversations about gun violence. That includes warnings on posting pictures or comments about guns or violence on social media accounts.
    • Safety is a serious matter. All threats to school safety are taken seriously, whether they are made on social media, in a crowd, by phone or note, or even as a joke. Columbus Police and our Safety & Security teams are immediately investigating every threat we are made aware of and swiftly addressing those who make the threats. Students need to know they will be held accountable, even if the threat they made wasn’t real.
    • Safety Drills are the foundation to being prepared. Since the start of the school year, our students and staff have participated in a combined 1600+ safety drills and 600+ lockdown drills, all of which help our school be better prepared should a tragic event happen.
    • Safety awareness has been heightened in every CCS building as a precaution. Teachers and principals in all schools are taking time to talk with students about the importance of safety. A greater security presence has also been added to many of our buildings.
    • If you See Something, Say Something. One of this District’s greatest safety resources is the trusting relationships between our students, families, staff, and safety teams. This is more than reporting weapons or fights; it’s encouraging students to speak up anytime they see another student who is out-of-sorts or chronically alone.
    • We encourage anyone connected to Columbus City Schools to “See Something, Say Something” by calling or texting our anonymous hotline 844-SAFER-OH if you are aware of a potential danger to one of our students or our schools.
    • We need more partners in our community to help extend our safe zones and reduce incidents of violence in our surrounding neighborhoods. Help us enlist more community groups to aid in making our streets safer and giving additional supports to students and their families.

    Safety is a fundamental priority in all that we do in Columbus City Schools. We thank you for continuing to support our students, teachers, staff, and school community. We are SAFER TOGETHER!