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Sweet Summer Delights: Colerain’s Chocolate Factory Adventure!

Students at Anthony-Thomas

July 19, 2023 -- As the summer season sets in, students attending Summer Experience at Colerain Elementary School embarked on a memorable and exciting adventure. Students had the opportunity to visit the renowned Anthony-Thomas Chocolate Factory. 

The friendly staff of Anthony-Thomas greeted students and provided them with a captivating introduction to the factory's history. Intrigued, students learned how Anthony-Thomas has created delectable treats since its establishment in 1952. 

"We've conducted school tours for a long time," said factory retail store manager Ellen Long. "Anthony-Thomas is a family-owned business. We want students to see they can reach their goals and dreams if they work hard." 

Students at Anthony-ThomasThe visit to Anthony-Thomas Chocolate Factory was designed to be interactive and engaging. Students embarked on a guided tour, witnessing the chocolate-making process up close. 

Students observed skilled chocolatiers molding and tempering the chocolate with precision and artistry. Throughout the factory tour, students were treated to the aroma of chocolate and delightful displays of colorful chocolates and truffles. 

"The Anthony-Thomas field trip was a wonderfully engaging and informative experience for our students," said Eastgate Elementary and Summer Experience Teacher Hannah Elhand. "Students got to learn about the many steps of production of various delicious items and ask questions of a senior team member."

The trip to Anthony-Thomas Chocolate Factory offered invaluable educational benefits. Students learned about the science and technology behind chocolate production, gaining insights into the required craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Returning joyfully to Colerain, the students eagerly recounted their unforgettable day at the Anthony-Thomas Chocolate Factory through journal entries. Rising fourth-grade student Augustus Phillips enthusiastically shares his favorite part of the visit.

Augustus appreciated the hard work involved and the importance of processing quality ingredients.

"My favorite part was learning to make the chocolate," said Phillips. "There were lots of machines that helped in the process. I still can't understand how a machine can wrap 400 pieces of candy in a minute!"

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