CCS Transportation

  • Office of Transportation

    The transportation of 44,000 students every day is a very important job, and one that Columbus City Schools' (CCS) staff take very seriously.

    The District's bus drivers go through rigorous background checks, and must have or earn a Commercial Driver's License (with a bus endorsement from the Ohio Department of Education) before they may drive a bus.

    We serve students K-12 across the district, along with the Pre-K students with IEPs being served in our CCS classrooms.

    Bus FAQs

    Q. If my student is late to school due to the bus being delayed, is this an excused absence?

    A. If a student is late for school due to a bus delay, it's an excused absence.

    Q. If my student misses the school day because the bus didn’t pick him/her up, is this an excused absence?

    A. If a student misses the school day because a bus didn't pick them up, it's an excused absence--whether or not the bus ever came has to be verified with transportation. Parents should call their child’s school to provide information.

    Bus Procedures

    • All drivers, Intervention Aides and Childcare Attendants will be required to wear masks while on a school bus.
    • Families will be expected to conduct a Health Assessment of their children before leaving their homes for school. Parent must keep students home if they exhibit any of the following systems:
      • Cough/Trouble breathing
      • Temperature >100
      • Nausea/vomiting/diarrhea
      • Headache
      • Sore throat
      • Chills/Body shakes
      • Muscle Aches
      • New loss of taste of smell
      • Fatigue
      • Congestion or runny nose
      • Or if exposed to someone with a confirmed case of COVID-19
    • Students will be required to wear masks while at bus stops and on school buses.  
    • Students who do not wear masks will not be transported and the incident will be reported to their respective building administrators.
    • Social Distancing of six feet apart, when possible, will be implemented on all Columbus City School buses.
    • Children will practice social distancing of six feet apart at their bus stops.
    • Children will enter the bus through the regular entry door and be seated from the rear of the bus to the front. Children will exit the bus through the main door, from the front seat to the rear seat.
    • The bus will contain a bottle of hand sanitizer and a spray pump bottle containing disinfectant.
    • Children will be provided 1 “squirt” of hand sanitizer when boarding a bus.
    • Drivers will create and maintain a seating chart for students who ride their buses. This seating chart will be used when students board their buses.
    • Every bus will be disinfected by the bus driver after each run. Driver will spray disinfectant on common touch points (hand rails, seats, etc.)
    • Each bus will be disinfected at the Bus Compound after its morning and afternoon routes have been completed. 

    Bus Stop Procedures

    • Parents conduct a health assessment before students leave the house. Parent must keep students home if they exhibit any of the following systems
      • Cough/Trouble breathing
      • Temperature >100
      • Nausea/vomiting/diarrhea
      • Headache
      • Sore throat
      • Chills/Body shakes
      • Muscle Aches
      • New loss of taste of smell
      • Fatigue
      • Congestion or runny nose
      • Or if exposed to someone with a confirmed case of COVID-19 
    • Students must wear masks and practice social distancing of six feet apart.
    • Students must sanitize their hands when boarding bus.
    • Student will board the bus at the front door and walk to the back of the bus to start seating.
    • Students may not change or move between seats.
    • Students will unload at the school starting with the front seat to the last.
    • Boarding the bus at the school in the PM, students stand in a designated place of safety observing social distancing recommendations of six feet apart.
    • Students loading buses in the PM should load from the front door and start with the last seat, assuming routing is in reverse order from the AM. Ex: first student off the bus should sit in the first seat, last student off of the route should be seated in the last seat on the bus. Students should be lined up in order of route drop off when boarding so as not to pass each other.
    • Drivers should designate the place of safety for students to stand when unloading at home stop.
    • Students needs to continue practicing social distancing of six feet apart at designated place of safety when unloading at home stop.


    • Assure that all buses are disinfected prior to the reopening of school.
    • Assure that all school buses pass Ohio State Highway Patrol Inspections prior to the reopening of school.

    Student Bus Stop Release Information

    All students in grades Pre-K thru 2nd grade must be met at the bus stop each afternoon by a parent or guardian.

    Parents or guardians can grant permission for transportation to release these students without a parent or guardian by completing a “ School Bus Drop-Off Permission Slip” which can be obtained by your student's bus driver. 

Parent Portal

  • Is Your Parent Portal Account Activated?

    Stay engaged in your child’s education by setting up and signing into the Columbus City Schools Parent Portal. Through the Parent Portal, you’ll be able to securely access valuable information on your student(s):

    • Teacher Contact
    • Grades and Course Schedules
    • Daily Attendance
    • Missed Assignments
    • Paperless Applications for School Choice, Summer School, and Career Tech
    • Update Contact Information
    • Pay Fees
    • Transportation Information

    For more information on the Parent Portal or to set up your account, please visit the Parent Portal page or download the document below.

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.

Bus Bulletin

  • Bus Bulletin is a website that allows personnel in the school district transportation department to notify you with information regarding your child’s bus. You have the choice to receive text messages, e-mails, or voice notifications on your cell or home phone. Typically, text messages are received within 30 seconds from the time they are sent. This means you know when it still matters, not after the fact. All students who are enrolled via IC are automatically enrolled in Bus Bulletin.


    Do I need to enter information about my children?

    No. All we need to know is the school your child attends and the bus that he/she rides. We do not ask for any information that will identify them.

    What about people who may try to use this website with less than honorable intentions?

    The founders of Bus Bulletin have school-age children who ride buses in a district that uses Bus Bulletin. The safety of ALL children is first and foremost in our minds. In fact, the main reason for creating this software was to reduce the amount of time that a child has to wait beside the road for a bus that is delayed.

    We look for users who select an abnormal number of buses and contact district personnel when it happens. In every case it has been district personnel who were responsible for selected buses, or teachers who wanted to receive notifications for buses that transported their students. We also log every notification that is sent and save the log indefinitely, even if the person deactivates their account.

    We believe that someone who intends to harm children will find other, more anonymous ways to target children.

    In the event that something does happen – we will immediately provide all information to law enforcement agencies.

    Is there any cost to register or receive notifications?

    Usage of Bus Bulletin is free to parents and students. The school district subscribes to the website, there is no cost to you (although fees from your mobile phone provider may apply for text messages or voice calls; please contact them for details).

    Will Bus Bulletin sell or release my contact information?

    No. We respect your privacy and will never sell names, phone numbers or e-mail addresses. If the school district or local law enforcement requests the information while investigating a crime we will make it available to them for that purpose.

    Will Bus Bulletin send unsolicited text messages or e-mails?

    No. Outside of notifications that are generated by the school district; we may contact you to ask for feedback or to advise you of a new feature. But we will not send unsolicited notifications.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What to do if your child misses the bus?

    The parent/guardian should immediately call the Transportation Department at 614-365-5074. The Transportation staff will contact the driver of the assigned bus for pick up and verify on our GPS system that the bus did/did not arrive as assigned. If the bus missed the stop we will send another bus as soon as it becomes available, however, if the bus was there the parent/guardian will need to arrange transportation of the child to school.  

    What if my child left something on the bus?

    Call the Transportation Department, 614-365-5074. Any “Lost & Found” item will be stored at the Transportation Department for a period of two weeks.

Keeping Buses Moving

  • Riding the school bus is a privilege. Your cooperation will be needed to ensure a safe and pleasant ride for your student to and from school. Any student choosing to misbehave could be denied the privilege of riding the school bus.

    Students should be at their assigned bus stop waiting for the bus five (5) minutes before the scheduled pick up time. Drivers are not required to wait for tardy students because it will make the balance of the route late. We have many students living on major roads and waiting would cause a traffic hazard.

    Students are prohibited from eating, littering, chewing gum, and drinking anything on school buses. Smoking, consuming alcoholic beverages, and fighting on school buses will cause immediate termination of bus riding privileges.

    Dogs and other animals, glass jars, and things not stored comfortably on a bus seat or that will protrude into the aisle are illegal to transport.

    When students are dismissed from school they are to go promptly to their school bus. Drivers are instructed to depart the school five (5) minutes after dismissal.

    Drivers shall carry a route schedule on the bus and attempt to conform to it as closely as possible considering traffic conditions, road conditions, and safety considerations.

    Drivers shall assign seats to pupils on the school bus.

    Drivers are permitted, by law, to use reasonable force and restraint in maintaining order and control in emergency situations.

    The transportation of passengers other than the students assigned to the trip is not permitted.