FMP FAQs - Phase 5 and 6

  • What is different with these two phases compared to the other phases?

  • Why is public participation so important in the last two phases of the FMP process?

  • Why should I get involved?

  • Will my opinions and thoughts really matter?

FMP FAQs - General

  • What is the current number of facilities in Columbus City Schools?

  • What is the current capacity of the school facilities?

  • Why is it important to update the Facility Master Plan?

  • What is the timeline to complete the Facility Master Plan?

  • How many buildings have already been completed previously in the Facility Master Plan?

  • What were the decisions behind those particular projects?

  • What are the age and condition discrepancies of facilities in the District?

  • What are the differences between lifecycle renewal projects and Facility Master Plan Projects when it comes to things like HVAC renovations, security upgrades and roof replacements?

  • Are there any historic buildings that are in consideration to remain as school facilities?

  • How is the State of Ohio a co-funding partner?

  • How does the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission choose to fund renovation projects vs. new school construction?

  • What is the strategy to prioritize the completion of the Facility Master Plan?

  • What is swing space?

  • How will the FMP improve educational adequacy and help achieve the vision of a “Portrait of a Graduate?”

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