Phase 6

  • Community feedback is essential in guiding the direction of the District’s Facilities Master Plan (FMP). During this process, the District held a series of community engagement sessions to provide information on the process and to gather community feedback with CCS students leading the way.  

    Phase 6 TRANSFORM of the FMP process is currently underway. During this phase, the District is seeking input on the top three concepts by grade level band, created solely by community participants during Phases 1 through 5. 

    Key themes are:

    • Bigger schools = more opportunities
    • District-wide equity
    • More competitive with surrounding districts
    • Leverage existing real estate resources for new facilities 

    The Phase 5 interactive simulation (available below) introduced the various limitations and opportunities the District faces to provide students, staff, and the community with learning environments and facilities that support 21st-century learning. 

    You can download and print out an electronic version of the simulation, follow the directions as outlined in the document and complete the simulation. You’ll be able to reassess the structure of each region by considering educational and extracurricular programing, grade-level configurations, enrollment data, and the optimal use of existing facilities. Then provide your feedback. 

    Next, you can use the feedback submitted for Phase 5 to review the community concepts that emerged from those conversations. Simply download and review each of the community concepts below and share your likes and dislikes about each of the concepts by clicking the Electronic Recommendation Form.

    Feedback gathered during Phase 6 will be reviewed by members of the FMP Committee before they issue their final recommendation on how to proceed with the Facilities Master Plan to the Columbus Board of Education and the District's next steps.

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