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  • The EMIS Division is responsible for submitting the district’s data to the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) that is in compliance with the EMIS reporting requirements. There are several data collections published by ODE throughout the year and the EMIS team submits one or more data sets almost every day. The data collected by ODE includes the data about the district calendar, enrollment, assessment, course, staff, etc.  Before and after each submission the EMIS team verifies validity and integrity of the data, and communicates errors and inconsistencies to the data owners. 

    The EMIS team also reviews and distributes reports published by ODE to the data owners. Those reports can either aid in data issue resolutions, in verifying that the data is correct, or in decision making. If the issues cannot be addressed by the data owners, for example because of a bug in the systems of record, the EMIS team works with the vendor to resolve the issue. The EMIS team works with other traditional and community schools to rectify enrollment date errors.

    Due to the EMIS team’s experience and knowledge, they are also called upon to assist in non-EMIS related projects and tasks such as data requests, report creation, verification of dashboards, COVID-19 tracking, and P-EBT distribution.


    Our project manager (PM) is responsible for performing various functions while striving to provide valuable and accurate information to all CCS organizations.  The PM works collaboratively with departments to establish and determine the kind of data to be collected and identifies the resources with which to effectively collect the data.  The PM organizes, implements, and enforces correct data collection policies and methods with assistance from supporting departments and staff.  

    The PM will provide proper training to employees to enable them to perform data collection and reporting independently and effectively.  The PM ensures the proper functioning of data collection software and Internet applications at all times.  The PM consistently maintains data collection procedures in line with all relevant rules and guidelines.  The PM collaboratively assists departments with interpretation and explanation of complex data.  The PM works with the EMIS team to formulate and develop special reports upon request.

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