Office of Assessment and School Data Literacy


    Each Region will host a Data Leadership Intern to support data informed instruction in each school.  The Data Leadership Intern will monitor, and analyze each region’s data, facilitating conversations among the staff by supporting administrators and teachers with data usage to improve instruction for each student.  

    Data Leadership Interns are responsible for facilitating and supporting regional schools with their Ohio Improvement Plan updates in collaboration with the School Improvement Office.  This also includes analyzing data to identify students with similar needs, while working in partnership with the Department of Curriculum and Instruction.  Each will work closely with the Principal to support their regional Building Leadership Teams. They are ultimately accountable for successfully implementing support focused on data, with customized professional development for overall school improvement and monitoring progress to meet the established goals for student achievement.    


    The Division of Testing directs all plans and activities of the district’s testing/assessments, Value Added Reports, School Improvement and alternative programming needs.  This includes the coordination and administration of national and state mandated tests, district-wide assessment data, monitoring of the district achievement and progress toward instructional goals and objectives.  The Division of Testing is also responsible for rostering and extracting data for the various assessment platforms throughout the testing process to strengthen data literacy for each stakeholder. 

    During testing windows TOSAs work with the part-time hourly team members and testing facilitators to coordinate and oversee testing administration.


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