ILEAD: Induction, Leadership, and Evaluation to Achieve and Develop

  • Columbus City Schools is aligning our efforts to DEVELOP our students and staff to their maximum potential. In our Professional Learning System, research and standards define our opportunities to ensure continuous improvement and deliver a climate where everyone can ACHIEVE. At each stage of an educator’s career in this system, whether in a first assignment or moving to a new role, INDUCTION is organized to provide needed support. Both formal and informal LEADERSHIP is fostered to create collaborative learning environments that are conducive to growth. Within this system, the new EVALUATION will provide educators with a richer and more detailed view of their performance, with a focus on specific strengths and opportunities for improvement. I LEAD captures the scope of our efforts.

    Each of us leads… I lead in my classroom. I lead in my team. I lead in my school. How will you lead?

    For questions, please email or call the office of Professional Learning & Licensure (PL&L) at (614) 365-5039. 


    OhioES is the District's new evaluation platform. Please click the "Ohio Evaluation System (OhioES) & User Guides" tab to the left to access the link.