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Important Milestones

  • Visit the CDC's website for important milestones by age 4:

    Milestones by Age 4

    They also have plenty of tips and activities for your 4 year old.

Setting Routines

  • A predictable and consistent schedule will benefit your child immensely. Although routines will be established for day to day activities during school, home routines will also assist with growth, development, and cultivating healthy habits. Establishing routines early will help your child feel more comfortable and secure as they transition to Pre-K. Examples of a morning, after school, and night routine are below:

    Morning Routine

    After School Routine

    Night Routine

Inside a Pre-K Classroom

  • Pre-K Classroom

    Below you will find an example of one of our Pre-K classrooms. Our teachers strategically set up their rooms to help promote learning, reinforce the curriculum, and create a fun, caring, and safe environment.  

  • Cubbies:
    Each student should have their own space in their Pre-K classroom to store personal items like backpacks, folders, rest time blankets and a change of clothes. 

    Calming Corner:
    You may find a Calming Area in your Pre-K classroom. This is not a time out area but a space where your student can choose to go when they are frustrated and need a break. This will include sensory toys, emotion pictures, a comfortable place to sit and calm down strategies. 

    Center Rotation (reading center, play-doh, home center): 
    Centers are a huge part of Pre-K and an amazing way for students to learn academic as well as social emotional skills like patience, taking turns and much more! All teachers have different ways of rotating through Center Time, but this is an example from a CCS Pre-K classroom. Centers might include things like Play-Doh, Arts and Crafts, Literacy, Science and Math activities, and Housekeeping Center. 

    Home Center:
    The Home Center or Housekeeping Center is usually one of the most popular. Students have an opportunity to engage in creative free play and also participate in structured activities that align with Early Learning Standards.

Lunch Tips

  • Practice Lunch

Toilet Training

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Educational Learning Links

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Talk, Read, & Sing!

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