Guidelines for Medication at School

  • If medication needs be taken during the school day please follow these guidelines:

    Have a completed, signed Medication Authorization Form.
    The parent/guardian must complete the bottom section and a healthcare provider must complete the medication order section.

    A new Medication Authorization Form must be completed each school year or when there is a change in the medication or dose.

    All medication must be in the original container in which it was dispensed by the prescribing physician, healthcare provider or licensed pharmacist.

    • The container must be labeled with the correct dose and instructions. 
    • The label should match what is on the Medication Authorization Form. 
    • Students taking a medication at both school and home can request 2 separate labeled bottles from the pharmacy to divide the pills to have some at home and school.

    School personnel cannot give students over-the-counter medications unless prescribed by a healthcare provider and a Medication Authorization Form is completed.
    Prescribed over the counter medications follow the same guidelines as stated above for prescribed medications. (Over the counter medications include pain medication such as Tylenol, cough medicine, ointments.)

    Medications ordered three times a day or less, unless there is a time specified, may not need to be given at school.
    The medication should be given before school, after school and at bedtime.

    All left over medication must be picked up by the parent or guardian on the last day of school or it will be disposed of properly.