Health, Family and Community Services

  • Health, Family and Community Services Mission:
    To improve academic achievement by providing and linking students and their families to an array of school-based and community health and social services ranging from prevention to treatment.

    School Nurse Role:
    The school nurse's primary role is to promote good health for the district's students. As a member of the educational team, the school nurse enhances student potential for attendance, class participation, and learning by identifying and addressing medical conditions that may impact the student's ability to reach their potential and achieve the district's performance standards. School Nursing is a specialized practice of professional nursing. 

    Every CCS school is assigned a School Nurse. If parent or guardian has questions about immunizations, health screenings or a health condition that may affect their student's ability to learn and fully participate in school activities, they should contact the School Nurse. 

    School Nurses:

    • Are Bachelor’s prepared Registered Nurses
    • Are licensed or registered as a School Nurse through the Ohio Department of Education
    • Adhere to the laws and rules of the Ohio Board of Nursing and the professional standards of the National Association of School Nurses.

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