In consideration of the circumstances caused by COVID-19, the Columbus School of Practical Nursing has temporarily transitioned into an alternative learning hybrid online format. The program now encompasses a combination of on-site and distance learning. The theory and clinical portion will be conducted primarily online, while lab is scheduled on campus. The flexibility that comes with a hybrid program, creates a new pathway to pursue a nursing career for working professionals with schedule time constraints. There remains a significant demand for nurses. We hope this new temporary platform can assist in bringing more nurses into the workforce while meeting the needs of our students.


    Become an LPN in Columbus, Ohio

     Our 12-month Practical Nursing program in Columbus is a fast, affordable way to gain the nursing skills needed to work in the healthcare field.

    • Convenient 12-month, daytime Practical Nursing program.
    • A long tradition of excellence in nursing education –66 years
    • Outstanding graduate success on the state board examination.
    • Excellent employer satisfaction with graduates.
    • Expert nursing faculty who provide outstanding individual and group support, and diverse clinical experiences to gain competency in nursing skills.
    • Three convenient start dates each year.
    • Nationally accredited by the Council on Occupational Education, and approved by the Ohio Board of Nursing and the Ohio Department of Higher Education.
    • Financial Aid is available for those who qualify.

    Program Registration:

    Please download the application packet for registration information. The application checklist appears on page 3. Check out the Roadmap to Registration for a more simplified view of the process.  

    An outstanding opportunity for growth

    The training our nursing students receive in our 12-month program gives them the opportunity to work in a variety of nursing settings where they provide valuable support for RNs and healthcare teams.

    By choosing our Practical Nursing program, you will become part of a close-knit family of students supported by a caring staff that is committed to providing the individual and group support needed to ensure your success. To gain competency in your nursing skills, you will participate in diverse clinical experiences at area hospitals and other clinical settings where you will care for patients and learn from experienced nurses.

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    Please note: The phone number for the School of Practical Nursing has changed. The new number is 380.997.7618.

    The Practical Nursing Program is approved by the Ohio Board of Nursing which supervises and regulates nursing practice and education in the state of Ohio. The program is also nationally accredited by the Council on Occupational Education (council.org) It is listed under Columbus City Schools Department of Adult and Community Education. The program is approved by the Ohio Department of Higher Education and has been in existence for over 65 years demonstrating consistent success.

    Come join the ranks...

    Employment for LPNs is expected to grow faster than the national average. The fastest growing sources of employment for LPNs are home healthcare services and nursing home facilities, especially as the baby boom generation ages.

    According to Ohio Labor Market Information, employment for LPNs in Ohio is expected to grow faster than the national average.The average income for LPNs is $41,000, but can vary based on your position.

    An opportunity for growth...

    This training gives you the opportunity to work in a variety of nursing settings. Your skills will provide valuable support for RNs and the healthcare team.

    Our School of Practical Nursing offers important distinctive qualities for prospective students to consider, such as outstanding graduate success on the the state board exam, excellent employer satisfaction with graduates,

    Our expert, personable nursing faculty provide outstanding individual and group support and diverse clinical experiences to gain competency in nursing skills.

    Textbooks and uniforms are an additional cost and not included in the tuition cost. A list of required textbooks will be provided during orientation. Additional fees include: uniforms, duty shoes, stethoscope, uniform accessories, parking at some clinical sites, and Board exam fees.

    Practical Nursing Curriculum Overview

    Trimester I
    Anatomy & Physiology I  
    Pharmacology I 
    Theoretical Foundations of Nursing I / Medical Terminology


    Anatomy & Physiology II
    Nursing Care of the Adult I (Medical-Surgical Nursing) 
    Pharmacology II 
    Theoretical Foundations of Nursing II 

    Nursing Leadership
    Nursing Care of the Adult II
    Maternal-Child-Pediatric Nursing
    Mental Health Nursing 

    The HESI A2 Entrance Examination

    Students must achieve a composite score of 75% on the HESI Entrance Exam in order to qualify for admission to the Columbus School of Practical Nursing.
    Note: the science portions are not required. Our minimum score is based on an average of the following 4 sections of the examination:
    Reading Comprehension – The reading test questions evaluate a student’s ability to comprehend health related reading passages. There are 47 questions and students are given one hour to complete. Students must understand word meanings, identify main themes, create logical inferences, and understand passages.
    Vocabulary and General Knowledge – Students are presented with various vocabulary words and expected to determine their definitions. Many of the vocabulary words are health related. Students are given 50 minutes to answer 50 questions.  
    Grammar – Students must display their knowledge of basic grammar concepts. Students must show their comprehension of parts of speech, typical grammar errors, and important grammatical concepts. The HESI grammar test is 50 questions and students are given 50 minutes to complete.
    Math – The HESI math questions evaluate a candidate’s knowledge of basic mathematical concepts. The math skills tested typically have some correlation to health related scenarios. Students are expected to have a strong grasp of the following math skills: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, proportions, ratios, and decimals. Questions will also be presented on roman numbers, calculating dosages, household measures, and conversions. The exam is 50 minutes long and consists of 50 questions.
    Note: You are required to achieve the 75% on one set of scores. We do not combine scores from different test dates. 
    Free Exam Prep 
    http://www.test-guide.com/hesi-entrance-exam.html Free exam prep material for the HESI entrance exam. The site provides free practice tests, study guides, flash cards and more. Click on the Free Practice Test Link on the page.
    http://www.coolmath.com Math exercises to build your skills
    http://www.dictionary.com Look up synonyms and antonyms of the words in the vocabulary section of the study guide.
    http://www.studystack.com Search nursing. Select root words, prefixes, suffixes and terminology. This is a fun way to learn medical terminology basics. You can use flashcards, play hangman, do crosswords, etc.
    If you need help preparing for the HESI exam, the OPTIONAL free 10-week Nursing Bridge class may be for you. Classes meet T, Th and Fri from 1-3:30 p.m. at 2323 Lexington Avenue. Call Mr. Kramer at 380.997.7615 to register for the next available class. A 10-week commitment is required in order to participate in the class.
    Study Guides:  
    You may choose to purchase the HESI A2 Study Guide. The Columbus Metropolitan library may also have this book available or you can check out GED study materials to help you prepare.
    HESI Test Registration
    HESI testing dates are SCHEDULED for June/July 2020. See link below.
    HESI Exam dates 
    Step 1: Create an Elsevier Evolve account at https://evolve.elsevier.com/ , Click on login/create account. Write down your username and password! You will need it to take your test and retrieve your scores!
    Step 2: After you have created your Elsevier account, if you wish to take the test at our school, complete the HESI registration form and submit it with payment. You must register and pay for your test no later than the Friday prior to the test. Cost of the test is $60 payable by check, money order or credit/debit card only. Payment is accepted by mail or in person. Please register early, as we can only accommodate about 8 testers in each session.
    Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the test is scheduled to begin. The door will be locked when the test begins, and late arrivals will not be admitted. There are no refunds for missed exams or late arrivals.
    Columbus State Community College also offers the examination. You must register 48 hours prior to the exam. http://registerblast.com/cscc/Home/Tab/855 or call to schedule your examination at Columbus State: Phone: 614-287-5750.

    Program Registration:

    Please download the application packet for registration information. The application checklist appears on page 3. Check out the Roadmap to Registration for a more simplified view of the process.  

    Financial Aid:

    Financial Aid is available to those who qualify. See the financial aid section in the application packet or call our financial aid coordinator at 380.997.7620.

    Gainful Employment Disclosure 

    Request for Advanced Standing (transfer credit)

    The school of Practical Nursing may award advanced standing to students who meet the requirements. Download the Request for Advanced Standing here. Please note that the request for advanced standing must be turned in along with nursing application. Late submissions will not be considered. 


    Students must possess a high school diploma or GED, meet required scores on the entrance examination, and hold a current BLS Healthcare Provider card. Additionally, all students who have been accepted into the nursing program must attend the Student Success class, which runs during the two weeks prior to the start of the nursing program. See Information Packet for complete details and other requirements.

    CPR Requirement: All incoming students must have a valid CPR Card. Our nursing program specifically requires the BLS Provider certification. We offer this course once each trimester at our location.

    Please register early, as we can only accommodate about 8 testers in each session.


    Our 12 month Practical Nursing program is divided into three trimesters. The tuition for the entire program is $15,900, payable by the trimester. We accept all forms of financial aid and scholarships. All students are encouraged to apply for as much financial assistance as possible. Books and uniforms are not included in the tuition.

    Class hours are 8 am - 3:30 pm Monday through Friday, except on clinical days, when students will be required to be at their clinical site by 7 am. please refer to the calendar at the top of the page for application deadlines and program dates.

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