Financial Aid Information

  • Full Tuition Scholarship for Practical Nursing

    Available to graduating CCS seniors for enrollment in Summer 2024 or Fall 2024. Click here for details and application.  


    Federal Financial Aid Online Application Procedure (Pell Grant & Student Loans)

    Apply for a FSA ID here. This will allow you to “sign” the FAFSA electronically, meaning the entire application process can be completed online.

    Fill out the FAFSA by clicking the “Start Here” button and then complete each page of the form.

    Use 015235 as the Title IV school code for Adult & Community Education, Columbus City Schools courses. This will allow the school to electronically receive the results of your application.

    Review your answers carefully and, if necessary, correct them before submitting your FAFSA.

    Sign your application. You can electronically sign your application using your FSA ID, print a paper signature page and mail in, or wait for a signature page to arrive in the mail.


    Submit your application by selecting the “Submit My FAFSA Now” button on the last page of the form. You will be taken to a Confirmation Page that shows a confirmation number and estimated EFC. Print a copy of the Confirmation Page for your records.


    FAFSA Verification: 

    Students must submit verification documentation within the first 4 weeks of each Trimester.  Failure to submit this documentation may mean cancellation of financial aid eligibility for their program.  The Financial Aid Coordinator will utilize the Verification Worksheet and any other requested documents to correct a student’s FAFSA if required.  The Financial Aid Coordinator will notify students via email if their EFC (Expected Family Contribution) and financial aid amount changes because of any corrections to the FAFSA.  In some instances, the Coordinator may request that the student make FAFSA corrections.  If a student is required to make corrections, it will be necessary to log into the FAFSA, and click on “Make FAFSA Corrections.”  

    If there is reasonable cause to believe that an applicant for Title IV, HEA funds might have engaged in fraud or other criminal misconduct, they will be referred to the Office of Inspector General (OIG). In this event, the school will notify the OIG via fax.

    Approximately 1 out of 3 students who submit a FAFSA are selected for an official review in a process called Federal Verification.

    Incomplete or conflicting information on your FAFSA may lead to Verification, or your FAFSA record may be chosen at random.

    If your FAFSA record is selected for Federal Verification, the Financial Aid Office will request signed copies of federal tax returns, a completed Verification form, and/or other financial documents from you (and your parents or spouse). We will then compare your financial documents to your FAFSA information and, if needed, we will adjust your FAFSA information.

    Until we complete Verification, we can not process Federal Stafford Loans or Federal Pell Grants. Please respond quickly to prevent delays in processing your federal aid.

  • Veterans Information

    Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) - Federal Training monies are available to veterans of the U.S. Armed Services. For eligibility, contact the V.A. at 1-888-442-4551 or You must complete the appropriate application and our Financial Aid Office will certify.
    Chapter 1606 – Montgomery GI Bill – Selected Reserve Educational Assistance
    Eligibility: Student must be currently enrolled in a Selective Reserve program such as the National Guard or the Army Reserves.Department Of Veterans Affairs (VA) – Federal training monies are available to veterans of the U.S. Armed Services. For eligibility contact the V.A. at 1-888-442-4551 or Student must complete the appropriate application and then the Financial Aid Office will certify.

    Chapter 30 – Montgomery GI Bill- Active Duty Educational Assistance
    Period of Service: 7-1-85 to present
    Eligibility: Two or three years active duty; Honorable discharge; Eligible 10 years from date of separation.

    Chapter 1607 – Reserve Education Assistance Program (REAP
    Eligibility: Available to certain reservists who were activated for at least 90 days after
    September 11, 2001.

    Chapter 31 – Vocational Rehabilitation
    Eligibility: Student must have a service related disability which the Department of Veterans Affairs has rated at least 10% compensable. There must be an employment handicap and generally the student must complete the program within 12 years from the notice of the disability rating.

    Chapter 32 – Veterans’ Educational Assistance Program (VEAP)
    Period of Service: 1-1-77 to 6-30-85
    Eligibility: Active duty for a least 181 days, contribution to the program and other than dishonorable discharge. Eligible 10 years from date of separation.

    Chapter 33 – Post 911
    The Post-9/11 GI Bill provides financial support for education and housing to individuals with at least Eligibility: Must have 90 days of aggregate service on or after September 11, 2001, or individuals discharged with a service-connected disability after 30 days. You must have received an honorable discharge to be eligible for the Post-9/11 GI Bill.

    Chapter 35 – Survivors’ and Dependents’ Educational Assistance
    Eligibility: A child (under 26) or a spouse of a veteran who is 100% disabled or who died because of service related injuries.

Financial Aid Websites

  • The following website(s) help students to find financial aid and apply for scholarships. They also inform the public about the resources available through both the state and U.S. government.

    Ohio Means Jobs 

For More Info

  • Please call the Financial Aid office at 380.997.7620, or stop by the office at Adult & Community Education, Columbus City Schools 2323 Lexington Avenue, Columbus, OH 43211.