• Voluntary benefits are additional insurance products available for purchase at affordable rates. You also have the advantage of paying for these benefits through convenient, after-tax, payroll deductions. As a new employee, you may purchase many of these coverages without a medical exam. Proof of good health will be required if an existing employee or dependent enrolls at a later time. Furthermore, since you purchase these plans individually, many can be continued should you terminate employment with the school system (with the exception of the disability).

    Voluntary Benefits Currently Offered 


    Short Term Disability – VOYA 

    (cannot be continued once employment has terminated)

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    This plan is designed to replace a portion of your income during disability due to illness or injuries lasting more than 14 days. During any absence of less than 14 days, you will be required to use any sick leave benefits you may have. While using your sick leave (which is required even if you enroll for Short Term Disability), you may receive up to 60% of your earnings, to a maximum of $1,400 per week, in addition to your sick leave pay.

    Accident Insurance – VOYA

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    Accident Insurance pays you benefits for specific injuries and events resulting from a covered accident that occurs on or after your coverage effective date. The benefit amount depends on the type of injury and care received. Accident Insurance is a limited benefit policy. It is not health insurance.  This is designed to supplement your health insurance. 

    Critical Illness – VOYA

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    Critical Illness Insurance pays a lump-sum benefit if you are diagnosed with a covered illness or condition on or after your coverage effective date. You have the option to elect Critical Illness Insurance to meet your needs. Critical Illness Insurance is a limited benefit policy. It is not health insurance. This is designed to supplement your health insurance.  

    Term to 100 Life Insurance – Allstate

    Group Term to Age 100 Life Insurance provides a lump-sum cash benefit should you or your covered spouse or dependents die before the age 100. The death benefit is guaranteed for the first five years of coverage and priced so the benefit can remain level under current experience factors. The tax-free* death benefit is paid directly to your designated beneficiary in one lump-sum and can be used to help cover daily living expenses, debts, funeral costs and more.

    Pet Insurance – VPI (Nationwide)

    (Enroll at ANY TIME)

    Similar to health insurance for the people in your family, the Pet Insurance Plan helps you meet the cost of caring for your pets. The Pet Insurance Plan is available through VPI Pet Insurance. You may choose from several levels of benefits that cover some of the cost of routine care as well as treatment for injuries and illnesses.

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    Legal Insurance – LegalEASE

    (non CEA Members Only)

    The LegalGUARD Plan includes the following benefits: · Unlimited free consultations with Plan Attorneys in person, over the phone, or online; · Wide range of legal documents including deeds, leases, affidavits and others; · Members may have a free Simple Will and Power of Attorney prepared by a Plan Attorney each year; · A Simple Divorce is paid in full; · Many other Family law issues are also covered such as Child Support, Child Custody and Adoptions; · Criminal Defense Matters; and · Real Estate Matters and more.


    To enroll in voluntary benefits as a new employee: call US Enrollment Services, our voluntary benefits enrollments specialists, at 800-735-0080 within 30 days of employment to schedule an enrollment session