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    Planning for your family’s financial well-being can bring you peace of mind. Life Insurance can provide financial support to your beneficiaries in the event of your death. Your employer pays the full cost of your Basic Term Life Insurance coverage through The Hartford. You may purchase additional coverage to meet your needs. You may choose from among the following options for Life Insurance coverage: 

    • Basic Life Insurance - term life insurance paid for in full by your employer and based on your position
    • Supplemental Life Insurance - If eligible, you may elect to purchase additional term life insurance coverage for yourself in amounts based on your position

    Basic Life Insurance Amounts

    • Full-time teachers and administrators received $50,000 in Basic Life Coverage 
    • Half-time teachers receive $25,000 in Basic Life coverage 
    • Full-time classified employees receive $50,000 in Basic Life coverage 
    • Half-time classified employees receive $25,000 in Basic Life coverage 
    • Eligible tutors receive $20,000 in Basic Life Insurance coverage

    Basic Life Insurance Policies

    Full-Time Employees $50,000 Life Policy

    Part-Time Employees $25,000 Life Policy

    Part-Time Tutors $20,000 Life Policy

    Supplemental Life Insurance Amounts

    If you are a teacher, administrator, or classified employee, you may purchase Supplemental Life Insurance equal to your Basic Life Insurance amount. Please note that tutors and latchkey teachers are not eligible to elect Supplemental Life Insurance. Whether you are enrolling as a new employee or during Open Enrollment, no proof of good health is required. You pay for your Supplemental Life Insurance coverage with post-tax dollars through convenient payroll deduction.


    If you leave the District you have the options to continue your life insurance.  Portability allows you to take your coverage with you at an affordable group rate.  For more information, see the links below.  

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