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    "I hated every minute of training, but I said, 'Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.'” -Muhammad Ali 

    Thank you for visiting the Career and Technical Education website.  This site has been created to assist teachers and administrators with information regarding Career and Technical Education.  The resources on this site will provide teachers with quick access to supplemental curriculum to support their content area.  Career and Technical Education is unique in their content areas.  The expertise of the teacher in creating curriculum that is aligned with the state standards, engaging for students, builds skills attainment while being in compliance is all vital to the success of students and programs.

    CTE is made up of a team of people that supports the educational process. The information being shared is provided to keep that team of people informed and moving forward as the delivery process for instruction has changed. Within that change, CTE is constantly being updated with information on changes happening.  As information changes within CTE, this webpage will be updated. CTE looks forward to the continued success CTE teachers and staff provide to the CCS educational system.

    CTE wants to extend their wishes for families to be healthy and safe during this pandemic.

Perkins V Local Needs Assessment Survey

  • Teachers your input in the new Perkins V grant is important to us. The link below is a survey to assist CTE in gathering important data related to the Perkins Grant funding. Please fill out the survey as one of our valued stakeholders:


Web-Based PDS Course Requester Training & IPDP Support Sessions

  • The Columbus Local Professional Development Committee (LPDC) is offering web-based training sessions to learn how to become an approved PDS Course Requester in the CCS PD System.  Attending this training will enable you to enter in-district professional development (including TBTs) into the PDS so that eligible educators may earn CEUs for their participation.  This training will cover both the compliance components for entering courses for CEU purposes as well as walk through the course proposal process in the PDS.

    The LPDC will be having web-based information sessions for those needing assistance in creating an Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP).  All educators with 5-year Professional Licenses in Ohio must have an approved IPDP on file in order to earn credits toward the renewal of that license (for more information about the renewal process of a 5-year license, click here). 

    Note: This does not apply to substitute teachers who renew licenses directly through the Ohio Department of Education.

    You can find upcoming training dates in the PDS by entering the course number (35825 for PDS Course Requester Training and 35904 for IPDP Support Sessions) into the search bar under the Course tab in the title bar -

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Curriculum Information

Webinar Information

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Online Engagement Platforms

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Special Education Resources

Internship Hours Information

  • Internship hours for students are being addressed.  Currently, there are a number of avenues in which students can gain internship hours assisting in their graduation qualifications.  Through these offerings, we can see a significant jump in students attaining graduation.  It is encouraged that instructors, CCRC’s and principals encourage students to complete anyone of these options.

    1. Students can go on Naviance to complete 17 modules that were added for home learning earning 34 hours.
    2. Students can enroll in one or two College and Career Readiness Edmentum courses and earn 80 hours if they complete and pass both courses, 40 hours for on completed course.
    3. Students can earn 8 hours for the Naviance modules that were assigned for the 12th grade specifically.
    4. If a student has more than the 90 work hours needed, the difference can be applied to their 30 hours of community service.
    5. Other opportunities will be posted as they become available and are approved.

    Students that need all 120 can complete a combination of these courses to qualify for the 120 hours needed being eligible for graduation.

    Testing and Certifications

    Governor DeWine has suspended all state testing for this year.  However, in CTE our certification testing requirements assist our students in meeting industry standards and requirements within CCS for graduation.  Testing vendors have been reaching out to the CTE office with information regarding their efforts to change some restrictions on testing.  As that information is solidified we will share it out to all parties.

    There are certifications that students can achieve.  Currently, two certifications are available.  These two are the OSHA ten-hour and the NIMS certification.  CTE is working hard to find as many online certifications as possible for students. An online boot camp is being considered once we can get firm confirmation with vendors.

    Perkins V

    Perkins funding is at the heart and soul of supporting CTE programming. Currently, CTE is moving forward with the Local Needs Assessment.  Please be supportive during this process to attend invited webinars and fill out survey that will be distributed next week.  This information will allow CTE to gather data supportive of the LNA.  Your involvement in the process is appreciated.  As further information becomes available regarding Perkins V grant it will be shared on this page.