License Renewal Process

  • Step 1: Five Years Prior to Expiration of Five-Year License
    Upon receiving a 5-year license, an educator must create an (Individual Professional Development Plan) IPDP and submit the completed plan to the Local Professional Development Committee (LPDC) for approval. An educator MUST have a current, approved IPDP on file with the LPDC before earning credits that qualify for license renewal. Following LPDC review, the educator will receive an email that will either notify the educator that the IPDP has been approved or requiring the educator to revise the plan and resubmit it.

    Step 2: During the Five Years of an Active, Approved IPDP
    Engage in Credit-bearing Professional activities related to the IPDP. Educators must follow the LPDC regulations for adding these credits to their professional records.

    Step 3: During the License Expiration Year
    Complete credit-bearing work amounting to 18 CEUs (equivalent to 6 semester hours or 9 quarter hours; or a combination of these - see conversion chart) by February 1 of the year the license expires.

    Step 4: By February 1 of the License Expiration Year
    Submit renewal materials to the LPDC Office at 889 E. 17th Avenue, Columbus OH 43211 (Human Resources will send email prior to Winter Break with directions for completing the application after January 1; application is online through the Ohio Department of Education website). If submitted materials do not reflect the credits required by the Ohio Department of Education for license renewal, the educator's contract will be non-renewed. All materials must be submitted to the LPDC Office before February 1 for approval. The Human Resources Department will send a non-renewal notification to all educators who have not been approved for license renewal by the deadline.

    Step 5: Expiration of an Educator's license and IPDP
    Upon renewal of the 5-year license, an educator's IPDP also expires and is archived. The five-step renewal process repeats as the educator must then create a new IPDP.