• Priority Status Guidelines

  • Priority I: Present full-time professional staff members in M.A. or Ph.D. program who must finish course work during the upcoming semester or lose credits, and present full-time professional staff members, including vocational teachers, who must attend the university to maintain their present position because of certification requirements. DOCUMENTATION REQUIRED: copy of expiring certificate or letter verifying from university that you will lose credits.

    Priority II: Professional staff members on sabbatical leaves. (Such staff members shall be given sufficient script for full-time attendance, subject to availability.) Priority II also includes certificated staff enrolled in a Master's or Doctoral Program in a College of Education. DOCUMENTATION REQUIRED: a letter verifying that you are currently in the Master or Doctoral Program or an Endorsement Program on college letterhead.


    Priority III: All other applicants, not in priority groups I and II listed above, shall be considered on the basis of seniority in the Columbus City School System.


    * If a request for additional documentation is not received by the deadline, you will automatically be placed in the appropriate Priority status.

    *Although documentation is not required for all priority levels, it is still recommended for justification purposes.