Middle School Summer Experience

  • Summer Experience

    Our middle school years don’t just prepare students for high school. These years are also key for students’ social and emotional growth, as well as diving deeper into their hobbies and interests. 


    This year's Summer Experience will immerse students in grades 5-8 in a collaborative, enriching experience over four weeks at school and partner sites across the city. Students will use design-thinking strategies to solve real-world problems in the areas of STEM, fine arts, world language, environmental studies, and more! Students will expand their minds and gain experience as researchers, designers, entrepreneurs, and communicators.


    Here is a list of schools where unique, innovative programming offered to middle school students as part of the 2023 Summer Experience:

    • Entrepreneurship: Woodward Park

    • Family & Consumer Science (Health & Fitness): Wedgewood Middle 

    • Fine Arts: Sherwood Middle

    • STEM (Urban Agriculture): Arts Impact Middle

    • STEM: Dominion Middle

    • World Languages & Cultures: Champion Middle