• Q: If I have already submitted my documentation to HR for the ESEA designation, why do I have to do this again?

    A: ODE requires this documentation in order to add the designation onto your license. Your documents may already be uploaded, please check your ODE Safe Account to verify.

    Q: Why can't CCS send or upload the documents that ODE needs?

    A: Your Safe Account is private with ODE and CCS does not have access to your account.

    Q: Why can't I add this designation when I renew my license so I don't have to pay the $20.00 fee and the $25.00 fee to renew?

    A: ODE will not allow this to be added to the license at the same time you renew.

    Q: My license does not expire until June 30th, why do I have to renew my license by the end of the school year?

    A: This is a CCS guideline that all IA's who plan on returning for the next school year, must have their license renewed by the end of the school year. Most IA's do not check their emails over the summer, so this is the best way to ensure all licenses are renewed.

    Q: I don't remeber my username and password for ODE.

    A: Please click “Forgot username/password?” link on the  OH|ID portal. Please do not set up a second OH|ID account.

    If you need assistance, you may contact Profile.Help@education.ohio.gov.

    Q: What is the superintendents signature on the application?

    A: This is CCS's IRN (Information Retrieval Number) 043802 Columbus City Schools.

    All other questions, please email license@columbus.k12.oh.us