• Welcome to the CCS Achieve3000 page! Here, you will find information about Achieve3000, helpful tutorials for reports and tools, and important updates happening in our schools. Achieve3000 accelerates literacy learning growth for all students with differentiated content and instruction. It is proven to double and even triple expected reading gains in a single school year. It is our district's official Tier 2 & 3 literacy intervention and acceleration resource for grades six through nine. Special requests for school or teacher usage are also considered. Achieve3000 is accessible to teachers and students via Clever.

    Special Note: EOY LevelSet assessment is set to begin on May 23. Prep your students to do their best on the test! The assessment is not mandatory but may provide insightful end of year summative data, if necessary.


    CCS Achieve3000 Secondary School Competition 21-22

    April Winners: CONGRATULATIONS to the schools with the highest average Lexile growth in April, and the honorable mention runners-up. Well done! April was the last month of the competition, so shout out to all participating schools this school year!
    Repeating Winner for Fourth Month in a Row; Fifth Win This Year
    Fairwood-  21L 
    Honorable mention
    Southwood-  10L
    AIMS-  9L
    Honorable mention
    Columbus Preparatory School for Boys-  8L
    High School
    Walnut Ridge-  5L (74.7% average score on first try)
    Honorable mention
    Marion Franklin-  5L (55.7% average score on first try)
    CCS Achieve3000 Secondary School Overall Winners for 21-22
    CONGRATULATIONS to the schools with the highest average Lexile growth for the entire 2021-22 school year, and the honorable mention runners-up! The principals and teachers responsible for Achieve3000 usage in these schools had a solid plan for usage and followed through with determination and celebration. We applaud your school communities for this exceptional effort!
    Winner: Fairwood Elementary with  172L;  Thirty-three students were responsible for winning five months of the competition this year in the elementary category.
    Second Place:  Southwood Elementary with  85L;  Southwood students were consistently in the top three every month this school year, as well as the October winners in the elementary category.
    Third Place: Columbus Preparatory School for Boys with  83L;  The gentlemen students persistently prioritized Achieve3000 in their Core Enrichment classes each week. In the middle school category, they dominated the winning spot four months in a row, as well as one second place.
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    Achieve3000 Recorded Training Sessions

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