• Welcome to the CCS Achieve3000 page! Here, you will find information about Achieve3000, helpful tutorials for reports and tools, and important updates happening in our schools. Achieve3000 accelerates literacy learning growth for all students with differentiated content and instruction. It is proven to double and even triple expected reading gains in a single school year. It is our district's official Tier 2 & 3 literacy intervention and acceleration resource for grades six through nine. Special requests for school or teacher usage are also considered. Achieve3000 is accessible to teachers and students via Clever.


    CCS Achieve3000 Secondary School Competition 21-22

    November Winners: CONGRATULATIONS to the schools with the highest Lexile growth and the honorable mention runners-up. Those completing the recommended two or more articles/activities per week are noted. Well done! 
    Fairwood- 20L
    Also leading this category with an average of 3.94 articles/activities completed per week
    Honorable mention: 
    Southwood- 11L (average of 2.07 articles/activities completed per week)
    Moler- 8L (average of 2.67 articles/activities completed per week)
    Repeating Winner 
    Columbus Prep for Boys- 15L
    Also leading this category with an average of 3.18 articles/activities completed per week
    Honorable mention
    Sherwood- 13L (average of 2.79 articles/activities completed per week)
    Wedgewood- 12L
    High School
    Columbus Downtown- 8L
    Honorable mention
    Independence- 7L
    Linden McKinley- 7L