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    Preparing Students for Placement in the Middle School Accelerated Math Pathway

    Criteria Document for School Year 2021-2022

     This program is open to students enrolled in Math 6

    Math 6 is a highly rigorous math class with essential concepts that students need to be successful in high school mathematics classes.

     Identification Process

    To be identified for possible acceleration, students must meet at least one of the following requirements:

     Student is identified as GT in Math or Superior Cog

    • Student is in Grade 5 and taking Math 6
    • Student earned a 4 or 5 on their Math 4 AIR test
    • Student earned a grade of A in Math 6 during Grading Period 1 and at least a 3 on their Math 5 OST
    • Teacher recommendation

     Formal Acceptance

    Students will take a placement test in March 2022 to determine acceptance into the program. Students will not be enrolled in the acceleration program if they do not pass the placement test in March.


    • A sample test is provided online at http://www.ccsoh.us/accmath for students to prepare for the placement test. Students can grade their own tests and see how the correct answers were obtained.
    • Students should continue to work in their Math 6 ALEKS accounts.

     Teacher Recommendation

    Teachers may recommend students to test for acceleration. Teachers will base their recommendation on the following:

     Strong mathematical skills

    • Good work and study skills
    • Motivation
    • AIR/testing results
    • Attendance

     District Middle School Mathematics Acceleration Placement Exam (administered in March)

    An exam will be given to identify students likely to be successful being enrolled in an accelerated math placement program. Students who demonstrate mastery on this exam will be dually scheduled in Math 7 and Math 8 during the 7th  grade year. In certain schools, a compacted version of Math 7 / Math 8 will be offered.

     Note: If we are not able to test onsite, alternative selection criteria may be used to determine placement.

    During the accelerated year (Grade 7)

    • Each school will work collaboratively with parents to evaluate and monitor the progress of the students who are taking accelerated math courses in middle school.
    • Prior to being scheduled in the accelerated pathway, parents/guardians will sign an Expectations and Responsibilities page that describes the district expectations and needed support for students to be successful in these advanced classes.

     Students taking a course above grade level may be in a class with older students

    Algebra 1 is a 9th grade course. The Algebra 1 grade will appear on a student’s high school transcript. Accelerated students will take this course during Grade 8. In addition to the above criteria, strong self-regulatory habits (motivation, study skills, discipline) are important for students to be successful.



    Grade 6 – December 2021

    Letters will be sent home to students who meet the criteria mentioned above.

    Identified and recommended students should work on Khan Academy Math 7 materials on our website and in the Math 6 ALEKS accounts.

    A sample test will be provided online to help students practice for the assessment.

    Grade 6 – March 2022

    Students who have been identified by the above criteria will take a placement test at their school.

    Grade 6 – April 2022

    Parents will be notified of their student's placement test results.

    Grade 7 – August 2022

    Students who successfully demonstrated readiness will be dually enrolled in Math 7 and Math 8 with parent permission. Students will take both classes for 2 periods of math.

    Grade 7 – August-November 2022

    During the first 9 weeks, students not earning a grade of "C" or better in each course will receive additional support or may be removed from Math 8.

    Grade 8 – August 2022

    Students who successfully complete Math 7 and Math 8 with a grade of "C" or better will be enrolled in Algebra 1 for high school credit.

    Grade 9 - August 2022

    Students who pass Algebra 1 will be enrolled in Geometry.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Did the district develop the placement test? 
    • The Math Placement Test was developed by the test development company Intel-Assess, a division of Amplify Education, now owned by Fluence.net.
    • The test was developed specifically for determining student readiness for the Middle School Accelerated Math Pathway. The district used to test students twice a year, but has eliminated the first test to reduce the amount of time students spend testing each year. Also, this allows students to take their own practice test which provides much more specific information to help them prepare for the placement test in March.
    1. How was the test developed? What is covered on the test? Are calculators permitted? 
    • The test was developed according to Ohio’s Learning Standards for Mathematics.
    • The test covers standards in both grades 6 and 7, focusing on critical areas students need to develop a solid understanding for success in higher-level math courses (ratio and proportions, expressions and equations, the number system).
    • The placement test consists of 47 items. Most are multiple choice, but some include drag-and-drop, typing in an answer, and completing a table.
    • Scientific calculators are permitted and encouraged in order to avoid simple math mistakes. An online calculator (Desmos) will be provided during testing
    1. What score do students need to get on the test in order to be considered for the Middle School Accelerated Math Pathway? If they pass, do they have to enroll in the program? 
    • To qualify, students need to achieve a 60% overall mastery on the placement test given in March, although a 67% or higher is preferred. Students are under no obligation to take part in the program even if they pass. Although this score may sound low, keep in mind that this is for acceleration, not testing what students have already learned.
    1. What is the plan for students who receive a qualifying score? 
    • Students who qualify will be enrolled in two math courses during the next school year: Math 7 and Math 8.
    • Select schools offer a Compacted Math 7-8 class for one period per day.
    • Students who successfully complete both courses (or Compacted Math 7-8) earning a “C” or higher in each will take Algebra 1, a high school course, during their Grade 8 year.
    1. Do students have to enroll in both courses? Why can’t they just skip one of them? 
    • It is important that students are enrolled in both courses composed of two periods of math per day. There are critical concepts that students learn in 7th grade that are not part of the 8th grade curriculum and vice versa.
    • With Ohio’s Learning Standards, the standards do not repeat as they did in the past, but instead focus on building deep understanding. There are requisite skills from previous courses that must be mastered by students so they can achieve success in higher-level math courses. Skipping a course will hinder the ability to develop a solid mastery and conceptual understanding of important concepts. 
    1. What does is it mean if a student does not receive the required 60% overall mastery? Does it mean that the student is not “good at math”? 
    • The placement test is designed to measure readiness on specific concepts. Many students who do well in at math courses and are high achievers are not yet quite ready for this type of acceleration. That does not mean they are not “good at math”.
    • Please keep in mind that all students are engaged in a more rigorous curriculum because of the Ohio Learning Standards. Many students who are high achievers do not have the requisite skills necessary to be successful in two rigorous classes during one school year. That is a lot to ask of students. Some students simply are not ready in middle school for this type of challenge.
    • The goal of the accelerated pathway is to ensure that students are placed in the most appropriate math class. It is very important to the success of each student that he or she is given an appropriate placement so that high-level courses can be taken when possible.
    1. If a student is not enrolled in the Middle School Accelerated Pathway, does that mean that he or she will not get to take high-level math courses in high school? 
    • We are constantly revising the program and finding new ways to help students prepare for the placement test. However, if a student does not pass the test, there are other ways to accelerate their learning. Here are a few ways that students can accelerate their learning outside of this program:
      • Summer School
      • Credit Flexibility
      • College Credit Plus
      • Double blocked courses or taking two courses in one school year
    • Middle school is a year of many transitions and some students, even high achievers, are not ready to take on the challenge of the Middle School Accelerated Math Pathway. However, they might be more ready to handle accelerated opportunities in high school. The goal is to ensure that every student is placed appropriately to be challenged academically.
    1. How should my child prepare to take the Placement test? 
    • Students should continue to work in their Math 6 ALEKS accounts and work hard in class.
    • Students should download the practice test from the CCS website (linked below) and work through all of the An answer key is provided for self-scoring. Students should also take the online practice test so they can try answering questions requiring drag-and-drop, matching, etc.


    Practice Test 

    Students can take an online practice test by following the steps below:
    • Go to http://student.masteryconnect.com
    • Type in the test ID:  376490
    • Type in your Student ID
    • You can stop / pause any time you wish. The program will remember where you left off each time.
    • Do not hit FINISH until you are completely finished taking the practice test.
    You can also download a Sample Test Booklet (Word document) and Sample Test Answer Key (PDF) below. The Answer Key is very helpful since it shows why an incorrect response is wrong. You might find it helpful to fill out the Sample Test Booklet while you take the test online.

    Math 7 Prep 

    In addition to working in their Math 6 ALEKS accounts, students may wish to work on some Math 7 content that may be tested. For this, we recommend Getting Ready For Math 7 From Khan Academy.


    Students should work through the first four sections. 

    For more information, visit http://www.ccsoh.us/accmath