Visually Impaired

  • The Columbus City Schools Visually Impaired Programs provides education services for children from age three to twenty-two or graduation from high school, whichever comes first. CCS also accepts visually impaired students from other school districts in central Ohio.

    In addition to blindness, a visual handicap is defined as condition of impaired vision which, even with eye glasses, affects the child’s educational performance. An evaluation will include a physical examination, general intelligence measured by a psychologist, an eye exam by an eye care specialist, as well as academic readiness.


    Program Goal

    The goal of these programs is, to the extent possible, to help the student learn skills leading to independence as an adult. Special attention is given to orientation and mobility, communication skills, and daily living skills. Students receive assistance through special equipment designed to magnify regular or adapted school materials in enlarged print, or, for severe impairment, Braille print.

    Supplemental services involve regular class placement with the additional placement of a special education teacher in the classroom. Other services include:

    • Individual or small group instruction sessions
    • Special placement in a regular or special school with six to 10 children for either part or all of the school day
    • Home instruction for children whose handicap is too severe for them to attend school.

    In addition to an individualized education program, a number of related services may be provided, including: Transportation to school, speech and language therapy, mobility training, and reader services.

Visually Impaired Contact

  • Laura Wolfe
    SNP/VI Supervisor
    Student Support Services
    Phone: 614-365-5211

Visually Imparied Program Sites

  • Leawood Elementary School
    1677 S. Hamilton Rd. 43227
    Phone: 614-365-6504

    Woodward Park Middle School
    5151 Karl Rd. 43229
    Phone: 614-365-5354

    Whetstone High School
    4405 Scenic Dr, 43214
    Phone: 614-365-6060
    (In collaboration with the Ohio State School for the Blind)