• Nonpublic Support Services (NPSS) & School Psychologists

    Nonpublics can choose to contract a school psychologist from Columbus City for one to five days a week.  There are a total of 12 nonpublic schools that contract with CCS to have school psychologists present at their buildings at least one day a week.  This reflects the increasing need for school psychologists to provide counseling, mental health consultation, intervention support, and evaluations to determine if a student has a disability. 

  • Requesting an Evaluation

    When a parent is considering whether to request an evaluation then he or she is encouraged to have a conversation with the child's teacher or the school administrator.  Sometimes concerns at school regarding academics or behaviors can be resolved through talking to the individuals who most often work with the child at school.  

    If the school also expresses similar concerns then it is recommended that the school psychologist becomes involved.  Check with your school to see if they have a contracted school psychologist who solely works with the nonpublic school.  If your nonpublic school has a contracted school psychologist then you can work directly with the school and their contracted school psychologist.  

    A parent whose child attends a nonpublic school that does not have a contracted school psychologist can contact John Cook, School Psychologist Supervisor, at jcook1324@columbus.k12.oh.us or 614-365-5220.  The parent can receive a consultation and/or have a school psychologist assigned to address the request for an evaluation.  The assigned school psychologist will contact the parent and the school to schedule a suspected disability meeting at the school.  The parent is encouraged to provide any medical documents or private evaluations to the school psychologist prior to the scheduled meeting.  The suspected disability meeting allows the school psychologist to gain additional information from the school and the parent.  At the meeting, the school psychologist will determine whether to evaluate the student.  The school psychologist may not suspect a disability and may instead recommend interventions that could be implemented in the classroom to help support the student.  If a disability is suspected then the school psychologist must complete the evaluation within 60 days.  

  • Nonpublic Requests and Reevaluations

    Below is information regarding the number of reevaluations and parent requests for testing that school psychologists have addressed in the nonpublic school setting.  Data does not include autism scholarship or St. Vincents.  

    Parent Requests


Bruce Nicely teaching social skills at St. Anthony