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    Columbus City Schools (CCS) staff receive training from the Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) to ensure both staff and students remain safe.  The training focuses primarily on teaching staff how to verbally deescalate a student who is experiencing a crisis.  Staff are also taught physical controls, however these controls are a last resort and only used when the behavior is a danger to the self or others, verbal deescalation has ceased to work, and the danger of the behavior is greater than the danger of being put into control or seclusion.  

    ODE and CCS Board Policy

    After the third incident of physical restraint or seclusion in a school year of a student who has been found eligible for special education services or has a 504 plan, the requirements are as follows:

    ( l ) The IEP or 504 team will meet within 10 school days of the third incident to consider the need to conduct or develop a functional behavior assessment or behavior intervention plan, or amend an existing functional behavior assessment or behavior intervention plan. Document the meeting on a PROl.

    (2) For students not described in paragraph {G)(l) of this rule, a team, consisting of the parent, an administrator or designee, a teacher of the student, a staff member involved in the incident (if not the teacher or administrator already invited), and other appropriate staff members will meet within ten school days of the third incident to discuss the need to conduct or review functional behavior assessment and/or develop a behavior intervention plan.

    (3) Nothing in this section is meant to prevent the completion of a functional behavior assessment or behavior intervention plan for any student who might benefit from these measures but has fewer than three incidents of restraint or seclusion. Meaning: If the student is exhibiting a behavior that is dangerous then the team may need to meet immediately and document the meeting to determine an intervention for the future.


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