• Special Education Records Department

    Columbus City Schools (CCS) special education department has staff assigned to respond to record requests for Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) and Evaluation Team Reports (ETRs).  Maintaining and quickly responding to requests for special education records within a timely manner will ensure there is no interruption in student services when a that individual transfers to another school and helps provide proof of a disability to outside organizations.  Most original IEPs and ETRs are kept at Hudson Distribution Center at 737 E. Hudson St.  Columbus, Ohio 43211.  

    For the 17-18 school year Hudson received 3453 records requests from approximately 240 various entities.  These entities may include schools, courts, law offices, universities, county developmental disability offices, and social security.  For the 16-17 school year Hudson received 2871 record requests, therefore the need for these records has increased. 

    The average length of time for responding to records requests is .81 days, therefore CCS staff are diligent in responding to a request.  




  • Record Requests for Current Students

    Current students and schools can email the secretaries to request records.  Send your request to spedrecords@columbus.k12.oh.us


  • Alumni Requesting Records

    CCS Alumni can go the link below to begin the process of requesting transcripts, IEPs, ETRs, and other information.  Scriborder does not process requests for current students other than IEPs or ETRs.  Current students can request records from their respective school.  


  • Digitizing Student Records

     Hudson Records Room

    The special education records department is currently in process of digitizing all IEPs and ETRs.  This is a monumental task since CCS has the largest number of special education students within the state of Ohio.  The goal is to help increase response times to records requests, prevent loss of records, and to maintain long term access to the documents.