Sport Education Model

  • Sport Education 6.3 (650301)

    Grade 6

    Students in grade 6 will develop knowledge and perform in realistic context that involves a series of basic consecutive lessons and contains pre-season activities, practice, and competition that is developmentally appropriate for 6th grade students. Students will become members of a team for the duration of the season and will assume roles of a coach, manager, statistician, and other roles that would make up a sports organization. Physical educators will use the Ohio Department of Education Physical Education Evaluation as a guide by implementing the standards, benchmarks and rubrics aligned with the Sports Education model. Length of course can be completed by having students attend one period per day for a 9 week course up to everyday for the entire school year. Prerequisite: Physical Education 6.1 and/or 6.2

    Starting Sport Education One Season at a Time

    We strongly recommend that you and your colleagues start small. However, the idea is that each completed season becomes a foundation block for the next season. Our hope is that as you gain experience with Sport Education, you are willing to build on your previous seasons’ efforts, and that your students’ responses will be that they want more of this. Thus, together with your students you can gradually expand the sport experience.
    This building process can be accomplished in several ways. For example, new student roles can be infused during subsequent seasons. Building in the use of team scouts or publicists can be added after more basic roles are well established and thus would not be considered until possibly the fourth Sport Education season.

    Another building strategy would be the expansion of already existing student roles or season events. For example, the level of sophistication in scorekeeping could be increased as the function of scorekeeping and entry-level scorekeeping skills are evident. Another example would be that of organizing a culminating event. For an inaugural season, a possible culminating event might include just an in-class league awards session coupled with watching the videotape of the championship game. In subsequent seasons, the championship games might be held outside of class time, and instead be held as part of a schoolwide assembly where the entire school community can attend.

    A third example would be an increase in efforts to publicize the sport season beyond the class. The performance results of the teams could be publicized beyond the class by perhaps having them be part of the daily morning announcements.

What is Sport Education?

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Sport Education Model