K-5 Reading and Language Arts I Can Statements

  • The K-5 Ohio’s Learning Standards “I Can” documents are designed to provide teachers the unpacked ELA standards written in kid-friendly language. These documents can be used as a reference to clarify the standards, as a checklist to assure that all of the standards are taught throughout the school year, and/or the language to provide students when teaching or focusing on a particular standard.
    There are three types of documents:
    • I Can Statement Checklists
    • I Can Statement Cards
    • I Can Statements by Standards

    Research shows that when students can articulate the particular learning objective they are being taught, they are more likely to master it.

    The I Can Statements by Standard show the continuum of how each learning standard is mastered at each grade level. This is an excellent tool to differentiate instruction so that each student’s learning objectives are met.