Math 6 Accelerated Testing

  • Due to the closure of our schools, testing has been postponed until further notice. 

    This website will be updated as more information becomes available. 
    Students should keep working in their ALEKS (Math 6 and math 7) accounts and working through the practice test below.

    Students have the opportunity to accelerate their math education in grade 6. Students qualify to test based on certain criteria, found in the documents at right. A timeline of events will appear below to keep you informed during every step of the process. Check back often for updates. 

    Here are the testing dates provided by each school. 
    If your school does not have a date listed, please contact the school for more info.
    The Accelerated Math 7 summer school program differs from the rest of summer school offered by Columbus City Schools.
    Watch this space for more information on the MS Accelerated Math 7 summer school program.

     Practice the Math 7 content of the placement test by working in a special new ALEKS account.
    To retrieve your new ALEKS account login, click here.
    Note: Your password is your ID + the capital letter K.
    Example: 123123K

    Students can take a practice test in Edulastic and grade it to see how they did. This practice test (called a Benchmark test) will allow students to see what the actual Placement test looks like and how it will be assessed. You can log out and back in as often as you wish. 
    Follow these steps to access the practice test:
    1. Log into your Clever account.
    2. Click on the Edulastic button.
    3. Once signed in, select the class called "MS Accel Math".
    4. Begin the test called "PRACTICE TEST".
    Do not be discouraged if you do not do well on this practice test. You have not learned much of the content yet.
    Use this button to turn on the scientific calculator: CAlc
    When you finish, make sure you view the correct answers and explanantions
    Be sure to download the constructed response questions.
    Click here for a complete answer key and rubric for the constructed response questions. 
    Prefer to try the entire practice test on paper? Click here. 
    NEW Jan 29, 2020: Log into your new ALEKS account and click on Teacher Resources. You will find a paper/pencil copy of the practice test right there.
  • Placement Test
    March 16 - March 20
    Makeups: March 23 - 24

    Attend the meeting of your choice
    Meetings run from 6:00pm-7:30pm
    November 18, 2019
    Wedgewood Middle School
    November 21, 2019
    Arts Impact MS
    December 3, 2019
    South HS
    December 5, 2019
    Dominion MS
    Mainly for Dominion and Woodward Park
    December 9, 2019
    Sherwood MS

    For more information contact:

    Steve Hiner