Math 6 Accelerated Testing

  • Columbus City Schools identifies Math 6 students each year who may qualify for math acceleration.

    To be identified, students must have met at least one of the requirements below:

    • Math 4 AIR score of 4 or 5
    • I-Ready test (beginning of current year) score of 514 or higher
    • Student already taking Math 6 while in Grade 5 this year
    • Student identified as gifted in Math or Superior Cog

    In order for students to be successful in this program, they must posses the following qualities:

    * Strong skills in math
    * Good study skills/habits and attendance
    * Independent thinking
    * Not afraid to ask questions
    * Good homework and test results

    Did you receive a letter or phone call?

    Students meeting at least one of the qualifications above were contacted by mail and by phone dialer.

    Students are not automatically considered accelerated. Placement into the program requires passing a 2.5 - 3 hour test in March. 

    Acceleration is not for everyone. Not all students who were identified will be interested in the program. That's fine - it's up to each parent and student. Accelerated students will take two rigorous math classes at the same time next year. This is not easy, and students who may be struggling in their current class should keep that in mind. 

    Students and parents should review the documentation and videos at right and view/try the practice test below

    Practice Test 

    Students can take an online practice test by clicking here.
    Be sure to follow the directions very carefully. 
    You can also download a test booklet and answer key in PDF form below. However, you should still try out the online version above.

    Math 7 ALEKS  

    The test in March will contain some material from Math 7. These areas include ratios and proportions, equations and expressions, and number systems.
    To have a special Math 7 ALEKS account created for you in order to practice these topics, click here.
    Students should continue to work in Math 6 ALEKS courses. Digital Academy students will receive new accounts.