Blended Learning & Universal Design for Learning

  • Blended and UDL Teachers provide evidence of planning through multiple means of representation, engagement, action, and expression and integrate blended learning strategies to personalize learning.

Technology Integration & Blended Learning

    • Teacher incorporates varied instructional materials including the integration of technology to increase student involvement.
    • Teacher provides flexible methods and materials to differentiate instruction and leverage technology by using multiple media such as text, physical manipulatives, video, audio, text to speech and assistive technologies.


    Blended Learning Models

    Station Rotation - allows students to rotate through stations on a fixed schedule, where at least one of the stations is an online learning station

    Lab Rotation -  allows students to rotate through stations on a fixed schedule with online learning occuring in a computer lab

    Flex Rotation - lets students move on fluid schedules among learning activities according to their needs

    Flipped Classroom - students learn at home via online coursework and lectures, and teachers use class time for teacher-guided practice or projects


    Digital Information/Literacy Resources Digital Creation Tools

    Achieve 3000

    Common Lit

    DBQ Online



    Khan Academy



    World Book Online (INFOhio)

    Adobe Spark




    Google Apps (Docs, Slides, Sheets, Forms, Sites, Drawings) 



    We Video


Universal Design for Learning