Social Emotional Learning

  • Social Emotional Learning Teachers embed the five Competencies of Social Emotional Learning: Self-Awareness, Social Awareness, Self-Management, Decision-Making Skills, Relationship Building Skills.

    • Teachers use reflective questions and language that will allow students to self-regulate their behavior and performance.
    • Teachers provide time, space, and/or activities, and opportunities for students to deescalate and/or self-monitor behavior and emotions.
    • Teachers incorporate the use of a decision-making process for students to apply to an academic or social situation or activity to be addressed.
    • Teachers provide opportunities for students to collaborate with others.
    • Teachers address, teach, and support the development of students’ collaboration skills.


    Self-Regulation/Monitoring Decision-Making Cooperative Learning/Collaboration

    Sample Teaching Activities

    SEL Strategies


    Decision-Making Strategies

    Decision-Making Wheel

    Decision Tree Graphic Organizer


    Problem Solving Groupwork

    Response Groups